Dream Rockwell

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Dream Rockwell
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Artistic director, stage director, public speaker
Known for Lucent Dossier Experience, The Do LaB, music video direction

Dream Rockwell is a music video director, as well as a stage director for rock music concert tours, interactive theatre, and circus arts. Dream Rockwell is a well loved female Public Speaker talking about creating and living your true destiny. [1] [2] She is also a record producer and performer.[3] Rockwell is the director of Lucent Dossier Experience, a "high-concept, steampunk-meets-neotribal",[4] nouveau cirque circus troupe.[5]

As a young woman, Rockwell lived in New York City, where she produced Lunatic Fringe, a monthly open mic poetry slam.

Rockwell later directed the performance portions of Panic! at the Disco's VH1 award winning video "I Write Sins not Tragedies", as well as the international concert tour that followed the video's success.[6] She directed The Duhks' video "Fast Paced World", [7] and Mötley Crüe's last world tour with Aerosmith[8]

Rockwell is a founder and part owner of The Do Lab,[9] an event production company responsible for the music festival Lightning in a Bottle.[10]

Rockwell directed The Duhks video Fast Past World [11][12]

Rockwell is the founder of Cuddle the World, an organization that takes teddy bears, cuddle blankets, inspirational toys and musical instruments to needy children around the world.[13]

Rockwell is a vegetarian and keen on creating a cruelty-free world. [14]

Rockwell's performance experience includes circus arts, dance, aerial arts, fire performance, live original music, and vocals.[15]


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