Dreamland (2009 film)

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Directed by Þorfinnur Guðnason
Andri Snær Magnason
Produced by Sigurður Gísli Pálmason
Cinematography Þorfinnur Guðnason
Guðmundur Bjartmarsson
Hjalti Stefánsson
Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson
Edited by Eva Lind Höskuldsdóttir
Release date(s)
  • April 8, 2009 (2009-04-08)
Running time 90 minutes
Country Iceland
Language Icelandic

Dreamland (Icelandic: Draumalandið) is a 2009 Icelandic documentary film about politics, environmental preservation and damming, focusing on The Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Project and its environmental impact. The movie is based on the book Dreamland: A Self-Help Manual for a Frightened Nation by Andri Snær Magnason. The film's soundtrack is composed by Valgeir Sigurðsson.

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