Dreams Less Sweet

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Dreams Less Sweet
Studio album by Psychic TV
Released 1983
Recorded 1983
Genre Experimental/Industrial
Label Some Bizzare/CBS
Producer Ken Thomas, Psychic TV
Psychic TV chronology
Just Drifting
Dreams Less Sweet
Those Who Do Not

Dreams Less Sweet is the second proper album by Psychic TV. The album was released in Holophonic sound.

Track listing[edit]

1983 12" vinyl pressing[edit]

Side A:

  1. "Hymn 23"
  2. "The Orchids"
  3. "Botanica"
  4. "Iron Glove"
  5. "Always Is Always"
    • Counter tenor vocals: Mark Harris
  6. "White Nights"
  7. "Finale"
  8. "Eleusis"
  9. "Medmenham"
  10. "Ancient Lights"
  11. "Proof On Survival"

Side B:

  1. "Eden 1"
  2. "Eden 2"
  3. "Eden 3"
  4. "Clouds Without Water"
  5. "Black Moon"
  6. "Silver And Gold"
  7. "In The Nursery"
  8. "Circle"

Album notes[edit]

  • Original choral and orchestral arrangements by: Andrew Poppy
  • Bass, performer (vibes), kangling, Tibetan singing bells: Geff Rushton
  • Drums, performer (vibes), percussion: Paula P-Orridge
  • Guitar, bells, tambourine, voice: Alex Fergusson
  • Bass vocals: Jeremy Birchill
  • Tenor vocals: Anthony Scales, Rob Scales
  • Counter tenor vocals: Mark Harris
  • Marimba, snare drums, percussion (Temple Blocks): Simon Limbrick
  • Oboe, English horn: Chris Redgate, Jessica Ilbert
  • Trumpet: Andy Calard, Bill Stokes
  • Tuba: Dave Powel
  • Producer: Ken Thomas, Psychic TV
  • Emulator (synth), digital loops, bells, church organ, voice: Peter Christopherson
  • Vocals, bass, violin, emulator (synth), drums, kangling, Tibetan singing bells: Genesis P-Orridge
  • Notes: Licenced to CBS Records by Some Bizarre. Early copies came with a limited 12" The Full Pack with additional unreleased tracks.
  • Vocals on "Iron Glove" performed by Monte Cazazza in San Francisco, via telephone.