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Not to be confused with Dreamtime.
Area served
Key people
Serban Enache
Dragos Jianu
Jeff Prescott
Products microstock photraphy
stock footage
Website www.dreamstime.com

Dreamstime is a microstock photography agency based in Brentwood, Tennessee, with offices located in Bucharest, Romania. It is a community based agency sourcing stock photos and illustrations from worldwide contributors. In March 2013, Dreamstime had over 16 million images online from nearly 150,000 contributors and more than 5.7 million users.


The website has been online since 2000 as a Royalty free stock photography website. In 2004, Serban Enache and Dragos Jianu co-founded Dreamstime.[1] The agency is the second launched company in the industry after Istockphoto. Dreamstime is one of the major players in the microstock market along with Istockphoto, Fotolia and Shutterstock.[2] In 2005 the company turned down a buyout offer from Microsoft. [3] In September 2006, Dreamstime became the first microstock photography agency to become a member of both the Picture Archive Council of America(PACA) and CEntre of the PICcture Industry (CEPIC).

By 2008 Dreamstime was available in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. As of February 2012, it became available in Chinese, Greek, Polish, Russian and Swedish.

On May 31, 2012, Dreamstime launched a new site, Time Line Images (www.timelineimages.com), dedicated to providing a legal, safe way for users to find and use images for social media profiles, particularly Facebook. Users have access to the entire database of images from Dreamstime, including a section of images specifically sized for use as Facebook cover photos. These images cost users $1.00 and can safely and legally be used on social media profiles.[4]

On July 17, 2014 Dreamstime launched a mobile app for both iOS & Android, Dreamstime Companion app, which allows users to upload and sell photos directly from their smartphones. It also allows users to submit photos from Instagram, Pixlr and other popular photo sharing sites and apps.[5]

On September 23, 2014, Dreamstime announced new social and sharing features aimed at helping users discover new photos. The social feature uses an algorithm to surface new stock photos based on a user's past behavior on the site as well as similar searches by other designers. The sharing feature allows users to share images they have found on the site with most popular social media platforms and feeds this data to its algorithm to further personalize recommendations for users.[6]

On January 19, 2015, Dreamstime was chosen by Google as a beta provider of stock images for the Google Display Network. The deal allows Google to use pre-selected Dreamstime royalty-free images for ads in limited sizes. The deal has been criticized by Dreamstime contributors, who feel there should be added compensation for images used more frequently than others.[7]

As of July 2012, Dreamstime had an Alexa ranking of 965 in the US and 952 globally.[8] The average Dreamstime contributor makes from a few tens to a few hundreds of dollars a month, while top contributors make over $10,000 a month.[9]


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