Drenaje Profundo

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Drenaje Profundo (Deep Drain)
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Created by Rodrigo Ordonez
Araceli Monsell.
Developed by TV Azteca
Directed by Carlos Guerra
Silvana Zuanetti
Starring Ana Serradilla
Rodrigo Murray
Theme music composer Pier Bover, Gerardo Pellicer
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Roberto Gonzalez
Benjamin Salinas
Location(s) Mexico City
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42 minutes
Original channel Azteca 7
Picture format HDTV, 1080i
Original run 2010 – 2011
Followed by Al Caer la Noche (At the Stroke of the night)
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Drenaje Profundo is a primetime television series produced by TV Azteca.[1] It stars Ana Serradilla,[2] Rodrigo Murray, Juan Pablo Medina and Elizabeth Cervantes.[3] The series began in October of 2010.[4]


After an accident in the Mexico City subway system, the detective Ulises Elizalde (Juan Pablo Medina) is sent to investigate. Ulises follows after a man who punches him on the subway tracks and he accidentally falls into the sewers. Underground he is rescued by Yamel (Ana Serradilla) a young woman who's hiding an enormous secret. It's later revealed that Yamel, and the other people living in the sewer drain have been injected with an eternal youth serum that was developed by a sciencist named Igor, under the orders of Milosz, an evil scientist from the late sixties. That's the reason why Yamel, who in actuality is 65-years old, has the appearance of a 25-year old women.


Cast Character Description
Ana Serradilla Yamel A woman who lives in the drain.
Rodrigo Murray Eric The sheriff of the Federal Police
Juan Pablo Medina Ulises He's an honest and trustworthy police, devoted to his work and sometimes a little rebellious
Elizabeth Cervantes Rita She's a detective of the Federal Police and the Ulises' sidekick. She lives with her beloved, little daughter Jimena.
Arleta Herziorzka Angela
Cecilia Pineiro Celia A TV Reporter
Enrique Novi Igor The sciencist who developed the Eternal Youth elixir. He's the father of Ulises.
Fernando Becerril Milosz He's an evil and inconsiderate scientist who kidnapped thousands of young in the sixties to do experiments with them, is the father-in-law of Ulises, which he calls tamarindo
German Valdes Diego The youngest of the inhabitants of drain, ruined an escape opportunity from their mates.
Hugo Albores Hector
Julia Urbini Renata
Luis Miguel Lombana Jacobo
Manuel Foyo El Rolas A tech-savvy police agent, he helps Ulises and Rita many times in all the things concerning to technology.
Paty Garza Lorena The Ulises' girlfriend and Milosz daughter


International broadcast[edit]