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Dresden Zoo
ZOO Dresden - gate
Date opened 1861[1]
Location Dresden, Free State of Saxony, Germany
Coordinates 51°02′15″N 13°45′14″E / 51.0374°N 13.7539°E / 51.0374; 13.7539Coordinates: 51°02′15″N 13°45′14″E / 51.0374°N 13.7539°E / 51.0374; 13.7539
Land area 13 hectares (32 acres)[1]
Number of animals 3000[1]
Number of species 400[1]
Memberships WAZA,[2] EAZA,[3] VDZ[4]
Major exhibits Afrikahaus, Löwen- & Karakalanlage, Aquarium und Terrarium, Giraffenhaus, Vögel, Prof. Brandes-Haus, Orang Utans, Der Zoo Unter der Erde[5]
Website www.zoo-dresden.de
Map of Dresden Zoo

Dresden Zoo, or Zoo Dresden, is a zoo situated in the city of Dresden in Germany. It was opened in 1861, making it Germany's fourth oldest zoo. It was originally designed by Peter Joseph Lenné.[1]

The zoo is located on the southern edge of the Großer Garten (Great Garden), a large city centre park. The zoo houses about 3000 animals of almost 400 species, especially Asian animals.[1] It is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).

The zoo is served on its southern side by tram lines 9 and 13 of the Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe, the local municipal transport company. On its northern side is the Zoo station of the Dresdner Parkeisenbahn, a minimum gauge railway through the Großer Garten that is largely operated by children.[6][7]

In Literature[edit]

At the end of the short story "Tobermory" (1909) by Saki, the visiting Englishman Cornelius Appin is killed by an elephant at the Dresden Zoological Garden.


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