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Drivetime or DrivetimeUOJ is a Philadelphia-based Smooth Jazz / Urban Organic Jazz band.

Founded in 2005 by Bernie Capodici, it originally concentrated on doing the quintessential top forty of smooth jazz that you would hear on stations like WJJZ in Philly or CD 101 in New York. After playing covers for four years things started to change, the music began evolving into what Drivetime now calls Urban Organic Jazz. Since 2005 Drivetime has made incredible strides, collaborating with Smooth Jazz artist like Bob Baldwin and Andrew Neu, and have worked with vocalists such as Phyllis Chapell and American Idol's Justin Guarini, this collaboration lead to their worldwide acclaimed cover of Bobby Caldwell’s What You Won't Do For Love. Drivetime's release of Ignition is currently in rotation on Smooth Jazz stations around the world and has received critical acclaim from Smooth Jazz station around the world. Drivetime is comfortable in a suburban club or an urban concert; this is where old school and new ideas converge into modern art.

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