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Droemer Knaur is a German publishing house, with headquarters located in Munich. The company has its origins in the bookbinding and later publishing firm of Theodor Knaur in Leipzig which was trading as early as 1846. In 1901 the publishing house was sold to the Berlin bookseller Hendelsohn and renamed Theodor Knaur Nachf. In 1934 the Jewish Hendelsohn brothers fled Nazi persecution and emigrated to the United States. On their departure, Adalbert Droemer (died 1939) took over the company and was succeed by his son Willy Droemer. In October 1939 Theodor Knaur Nachf. published its Knaurs Welt-Atlas with maps that represented the greater German Reich and the lands recently annexed and conquered by the Nazis. In 1943, the company offices and printing presses were destroyed by Allied bombing. At the end of World War II, Willy Droemer re-established his publishing house in Wiesentheid Castle (Lower Franconia) and then relocated to Munich. In 1970 Willy Droemer merged his company with that of Georg von Holtzbrinck in an exchange of shares, but withdrew from the management a decade later. In 1982 Droemer Knaur became part of Kindler Verlag and in 1999 Earthscan Publishers.

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