Drowning in Limbo

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Drowning in Limbo
Compilation album by Lydia Lunch
Released 1989
Recorded 1982 (1982)–1985 (1985)
Genre Post-punk
Length 50:57
Label Widowspeak Productions
Lydia Lunch chronology
Drowning in Limbo
Don't Fear the Reaper
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Drowning in Limbo is a compilation album by the singer/songwriter Lydia Lunch, released in 1989 through Widowspeak Productions. It contains the EPs The Drowning of Lucy Hamilton and In Limbo, neither of which had been previously released on CD.

Track listing[edit]

The Drowning of Lucy Hamilton
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Emerald Pale Has Disappeared"   Lucy Hamilton, Lydia Lunch 5:20
2. "The Drowning"   Lucy Hamilton, Lydia Lunch 1:47
3. "How Men Die in Their Sleep"   Lucy Hamilton, Lydia Lunch 2:24
4. "Lucy's Lost Her Head Again"   Lucy Hamilton, Lydia Lunch 3:24
5. "3:20 Thursday Morning"   Lucy Hamilton, Lydia Lunch 3:35
6. "A Quiet Night of Murder in Greenwich, CT"   Lucy Hamilton, Lydia Lunch 3:02
In Limbo
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
7. "I Wish... I Wish"   Lydia Lunch Thurston Moore 5:24
8. "Friday Afternoon"   Lydia Lunch Thurston Moore 4:11
9. "1000 Lies"   Lydia Lunch Thurston Moore 4:49
10. "Some Boys"   Lydia Lunch Murray Mitchell 4:49
11. "Still Burning"   Rowland S. Howard Rowland S. Howard 6:02
12. "What Did You Do"   Lydia Lunch Thurston Moore 6:12



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