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Person smoking marijuana joint.

A drug user is a person who uses drugs either legally or illegally. A drug user may or may not also be a drug abuser, and may or may not have one or more drug addictions.


The term "user" is typically employed to refer to someone who is a drug user, abuser, or addict.[1] Drug users are sometimes referred to as "heads," depending on the drug used, i.e., pothead, hophead, crackhead, etc.[2]


People have used drugs for thousands of years. Evidence of human use of opium has been found in neolithic and Bronze Age archeological sites in Europe, and an opium pipe from 1200 years ago has been unearthed on the island of Cyprus. The psychoactive use of cannabis has been dated as far back as 10,000 years ago in present-day Taiwan.[3] The earliest use of coca has been documented to 8,000 years ago from a site in Peru.[4]


Many drugs have serious mental and physiological adverse effects. There appears to be a natural and universal desire to alter one's state of mind, as evidenced, for example, by the spinning, swinging, and sliding seen in children's play.[5] Studies have shown that there is a genetic basis of drug addiction.[6]


Ideas of self-ownership and cognitive liberty affirm rights to use drugs, whether for self-medicational use,[7][8][9] or recreational use.[10][11][12] People who use illegal drugs risk imprisonment, loss of voting rights, and face discrimination in areas of employment, housing, and child custody.[13][14][15][16] A 2011 report issued by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, criticized the global war on drugs and specifically stated:

End the criminalization, marginalization, and stigmatization of people who use drugs but who do no harm to others.[17]

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