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Drum Corps Associates
DCA LOGO 2008.png
Drum Corps Associates logo
Type Drum and Bugle Corps
Location  United States
Founded 1964
(first championship in 1965)
No. of corps 23 (12 Open, 11 Class A)
Current champions Open Class: Reading Buccaneers
Class A: White Sabers
Website DCACORPS.org

Drum Corps Associates (DCA) is the governing body for modern senior, or all-age, drum and bugle corps in North America. It is the counterpart of Drum Corps International (DCI) which governs junior drum corps. DCA was formed in 1964 as the first heir to the modern drum corps activity, breaking from the classic style, and as of 2013 has crowned 51 Open Class World Champions (two ties) and 18 Class A World Champions (one tie) in 49 years of Open Class and 17 years of Class A competitions.

For many years, the corps in DCA were concentrated in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada, with the occasional corps from further away (for example, Minnesota Brass). In addition DCA has also seen Corps from Europe travel to the USA - the first of these being Southern Knights from Brighton, England in 1990 and more recently Kidsgrove Scouts from Staffordshire, England (2010 & 2012) and Heartliners from Ludwigshafen, Germany (2013)

However, starting in the late 1990s, more all-age corps started up in areas traditionally not known for all-age corps; for example, in the South (examples: Atlanta CorpsVets, Music City Legend, and Carolina Gold) and the state of California (examples: Renegades and SoCal Dream).

In part this can be attributed to the sudden availability of G bugles from DCI corps that switched over from G to B flat instrumentation starting in 2000. DCA adopted any-key brass shortly thereafter. Given that buying an inventory of G bugles prior to the any-key rule would always be very expensive, the adoption of any-key brass greatly aided the almost explosive increase in the number of all-age corps hitting the field.

The "all-age" moniker has taken on additional weight in DCA in recent years. The expense of DCI membership (travel, camp fees, tour fees, tuition, and membership fees) has made membership prohibitive for some performers who are eligible to participate. An additional attraction for DCA performers is that most DCA performances are within a few hours travel from home. DCA corps typically rehearse and perform on the weekends. Likewise, family members can attend most performances, and there is time during the week to meet work and family obligations.

DCA Corps[edit]

Corps Location Website Status as of 2013
Alliance Alpharetta, Georgia alliancedrumcorps.org Inactive (planned return to competition in 2014)
Atlanta CV Atlanta, Georgia atlantacv.org Open Class
Brigadiers Syracuse, New York brigadiers.com Inactive
Buccaneers Reading, Pennsylvania readingbuccaneers.org Open Class
Bushwackers Princeton, New Jersey bushwackers.org Open Class
Caballeros Hawthorne, New Jersey cabs.org Open Class
Cadets2 Allentown, Pennsylvania yea.org Open Class
Carolina Gold Greensboro, North Carolina carolinagold.org Open Class
Chops, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota chopsinc.com Inactive (planned return to competition in 2014)
Cincinnati Tradition Cincinnati, Ohio cincinnatitradition.org Class A
Crusaders Rochester, New York rochestercrusaders.org Inactive
Empire Statesmen Rochester, New York statesmen.org Open Class (Inactive as of 2014)
Enfield Centurions Enfield, Connecticut enfieldcenturions.org Class A(Inactive as of 2014)
Excelsior Troy, New York excelsiordrumcorps.org Class A
Frontier Denton, Texas frontiercorps.org Inactive
Fusion Core Morris County, New Jersey fusioncorenj.com Open Class
Govenaires St. Peter, Minnesota govenaires.org Class A
Grenadiers Kingston, Ontario kingstongrenadiers.com Inactive
Gulf Coast Sound Houston, Texas gulfcoastsound.org Inactive
Heartliner 2 Ludwigshafen, Germany heartliner.de Class A
High Country Brass Golden, Colorado highcountrybrass.org Class A
Hurricanes Seymour, Connecticut cthurricanes.org Open Class
Kidsgrove Scouts 1 Kidsgrove, England kidsgrovescouts.com Active (did not attend)
Kilties Racine, Wisconsin kilties.com Open Class
Lakeshoremen Troy, Michigan lakeshoremen.org Inactive
Minnesota Brass Saint Paul, Minnesota mnbrass.org Open Class
Music City Legend Nashville, Tennessee musiccitylegend.org Inactive
Renegades San Francisco, California renegades.org Active (did not attend)
Shenandoah Sound Prince William County, Virginia shenandoahsound.org Class A
Skyliners Jessup, Pennsylvania skylinersdbc.org Open Class
SoCal Dream Southern, California socaldream.org Active (did not attend)
Sun Devils Inverness, Florida sundevilscorps.org Class A
Sunrisers Long Island, New York sunrisers.com Open Class
Tampa Bay Thunder Tampa, Florida tampabaythunder.org Class A
Vigilantes Richardson, Texas vigilantescorps.org Inactive
White Sabers Dansville, New York whitesabers.org Class A
Windsor Regiment West Windsor, New Jersey windsor-regiment.org Open Class

1 United Kingdom-based member corps of DCUK. Last attended DCA Championships in 2012.
2 Germany-based member corps of DCE. Last attended DCA Championships in 2013.

Open Class Results[1][edit]

For champion repertoire, dates, and stadium information, please refer to the primary article at DCA Open Class World Champions.

Year DCA Finals Champion Score Location Runner-Up Score
1965 Reading Buccaneers 84.500 Milford, Connecticut Connecticut Hurricanes 84.360
1966 New York Skyliners 84.530 Bridgeport, Connecticut Connecticut Hurricanes 84.400
1967 Connecticut Hurricanes 85.583 Bridgeport, Connecticut Hawthorne Caballeros 83.800
1968 Reading Buccaneers 82.150 Rochester, New York Long Island Sunrisers 80.116
1969 Connecticut Hurricanes 79.475 Rochester, New York New York Skyliners 78.275
1970 Hawthorne Caballeros 82.775 Rochester, New York Yankee Rebels 81.200
1971 New York Skyliners 91.500 Rochester, New York Yankee Rebels 90.725
1972 Hawthorne Caballeros 90.600 Garden City, New Jersey New York Skyliners 89.750
1973 Hawthorne Caballeros 89.950 Rochester, New York Reading Buccaneers 85.800
1974 Hawthorne Caballeros 83.500 Rochester, New York Reading Buccaneers 82.150
1975 New York Skyliners 91.280 Rochester, New York Hawthorne Caballeros 91.110
1976 Hawthorne Caballeros 92.500 Rochester, New York Reading Buccaneers 86.700
1977 Long Island Sunrisers 94.150 Allentown, Pennsylvania Hawthorne Caballeros 94.100
1978 Long Island Sunrisers 90.850 Allentown, Pennsylvania Hawthorne Caballeros 88.050
1979 Reading Buccaneers 90.250 Hershey, Pennsylvania Hawthorne Caballeros 89.250
1980 Reading Buccaneers 91.300 Hershey, Pennsylvania Hawthorne Caballeros 88.950
1981 Connecticut Hurricanes 89.650 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Long Island Sunrisers 89.100
1982 Long Island Sunrisers 89.850 Allentown, Pennsylvania Harrisburg Westshoremen 87.950
1983 Long Island Sunrisers 90.900 Allentown, Pennsylvania Hawthorne Caballeros 89.250
1984 Hawthorne Caballeros 92.400 Allentown, Pennsylvania Reading Buccaneers 91.950
1985 Hawthorne Caballeros 92.500 Allentown, Pennsylvania Reading Buccaneers 91.900
1986 Harrison Bushwackers 92.450 Allentown, Pennsylvania Steel City Ambassadors 91.950
1987 Long Island Sunrisers 94.840 Allentown, Pennsylvania Hawthorne Caballeros 93.240
1988 Harrison Bushwackers (Tie)
Long Island Sunrisers (Tie)
96.360 Hershey, Pennsylvania Rochester Crusaders 94.140
1989 Harrison Bushwackers 95.100 Allentown, Pennsylvania Long Island Sunrisers 95.000
1990 Harrison Bushwackers 96.900 Allentown, Pennsylvania Empire Statesmen 96.800
1991 Empire Statesmen 96.700 Scranton, Pennsylvania Hawthorne Caballeros 96.300
1992 Harrison Bushwackers 96.700 Scranton, Pennsylvania Empire Statesmen 96.300
1993 Harrison Bushwackers 96.600 Scranton, Pennsylvania Empire Statesmen 96.200
1994 Empire Statesmen 96.000 Scranton, Pennsylvania Hawthorne Caballeros 95.400
1995 Hawthorne Caballeros 97.700 Scranton, Pennsylvania Harrisburg Westshoremen 97.900
1996 Harrisburg Westshoremen 96.900 Rochester, New York Hawthorne Caballeros 96.800
1997 Syracuse Brigadiers (Tie)
Empire Statesmen (Tie)
97.300 Allentown, Pennsylvania Hawthorne Caballeros 95.400
1998 Empire Statesmen 97.900 Allentown, Pennsylvania Syracuse Brigadiers 96.300
1999 Syracuse Brigadiers 97.500 Allentown, Pennsylvania Reading Buccaneers 95.800
2000 Syracuse Brigadiers 98.000 Syracuse, New York Hawthorne Caballeros 95.700
2001 Syracuse Brigadiers 97.950 Syracuse, New York Reading Buccaneers 97.850
2002 Syracuse Brigadiers 98.600 Scranton, Pennsylvania Empire Statesmen 96.750
2003 Hawthorne Caballeros 97.375 Scranton, Pennsylvania Syracuse Brigadiers 96.875
2004 Empire Statesmen 96.513 Scranton, Pennsylvania Syracuse Brigadiers 96.188
2005 Reading Buccaneers 98.450 Scranton, Pennsylvania Empire Statesmen 95.225
2006 Reading Buccaneers 97.238 Rochester, New York Empire Statesmen 96.950
2007 Reading Buccaneers 98.313 Rochester, New York Hawthorne Caballeros 96.650
2008 Reading Buccaneers 97.913 Rochester, New York Minnesota Brass 96.513
2009 Reading Buccaneers 99.025 Rochester, New York Minnesota Brass 97.588
2010 Reading Buccaneers 98.263 Rochester, New York Minnesota Brass 97.225
2011 Minnesota Brass 98.350 Rochester, New York Reading Buccaneers 97.450
2012 Reading Buccaneers 99.03 Annapolis, Maryland Minnesota Brass 96.23
2013 Reading Buccaneers 98.43 Annapolis, Maryland Hawthorne Caballeros 96.68
2014 Reading Buccaneers 97.55 Rochester, New York Minnesota Brass 96.53
2015 - - Rochester, New York - -


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