Drum Tower

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Conwy Castle has eight Drum Towers, which are the squatter towers in this picture.
Drum tower in Wat Si Saket, a Buddhist temple in Vientiane, Laos

Drum towers in European terminology refer to the shape of the round towers often used to corner exterior walls, or to bolster outer defensive walls as they are at Conwy Castle in Wales.

The term Drum tower (Chinese: 鼓楼; pinyin: Gulou) is used to refer to a tower in the center of an old Chinese city, housing signal drums. There was usually also a Bell tower nearby. For individual towers, see:

Drum towers can be found in a number of Buddhist temples in China and other countries of the region.

The drum tower often being located in the symbolic center of a city, downtown districts of several Chinese cities have been named after the tower; see Gulou (disambiguation) for a list.