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Drum and Bass Arena logo

Drum and Bass Arena is a drum and bass music website and brand, established in 1996. It offers up to date information on the worldwide drum and bass scene, an online shop, user forum, and digital download section. The site hosts D&BTV, which features video clips, DJ sets, interviews, and various musical entertainment.


The site was created in 1996 by Sheffield-based Drum and Bass enthusiast The Risky (James Cotterill). In 1998, he teamed up with web designer and entrepreneur Diluk Dias (ddiasthe site as a business. Drum&BassArena relocated from its original Sheffield HQ to London in 2005.

World famous art directors The Designers Republic were brought in to create the distinctive yellow and black identity and logo which has remained unchanged since. Original designer David Bailey (now Kiosk Design) continues to work with the brand. The site and brand is owned by AEI Media, a London based digital media company.

Since then, the business has extended into hosting events and tours, releasing compilation albums, merchandise and digital distribution, and various other brand extensions.


  • Drum & Bass Arena: Mixed By Andy C (2001)
  • Drum & Bass Arena: Mixed By Andy C (2003)
  • Drum & Bass Arena: Mixed By Fabio and Grooverider (2004)
  • Drum & Bass Arena - 50 of the Biggest Drum & Bass Rollers Ever: Mixed By DJ Randall (2004)
  • Drum & Bass Arena Presents DJ Zinc: Mixed By DJ Zinc (2005)
  • Drum & Bass Arena - the Classics: Mixed By Goldie (2006)
  • Drum & Bass Arena - 10th Anniversary: Mixed By Andy C and Grooverider (2007)
  • Drum & Bass Arena: Mixed By DJ Hype (2007)
  • Drum & Bass Arena Presents Friction & Fabio: Mixed By Friction and Fabio (2008)
  • Drum & Bass Arena Presents: Summer Selection (2009)
  • Drum & Bass Arena: Anthology (2010)
  • Drum & Bass Arena: Evolution (2011)
  • Drum & Bass Arena: Summer Selection 2011
  • Drum & Bass Arena: 15 Years (2011)
  • Drum & Bass Arena: 2012
  • Drum & Bass Arena: Summer Selection 2012
  • Drum & Bass Arena: Anthology 2 (2012)
  • Drum & Bass Arena: 2013
  • Drum & Bass Arena: Summer Selection 2013
  • Drum & Bass Arena: Winter Selection 2013
  • Drum & Bass Arena: 2014
  • Drum & Bass Arena: Summer Selection 2014
  • Drum & Bass Arena: 18 Years
  • Drum & Bass Arena: 2015

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