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Drumagog is an audio plug-in that performs real-time drum replacement,[1] developed by WaveMachine Labs in 1999.[2]

The latest version of the software is Drumagog 5, released in October, 2010.

Drumagog 5[edit]

New features such as Auto-Align 2.0, direct Plugin Hosting, a redesigned graphic interface, support for multiple Room Samples, Auto Hi-Hat tracking, and built-in Convolution Reverb and Morph|Engine effects. Auto-Align 2.0, developed in collaboration with MP3 inventors Fraunhofer Society, "provides Drumagog with a more accurate sample alignment algorithm." [3]

Release History[edit]

  • Drumagog 1 (1999)
- First version, Windows and DirectX only.
  • Drumagog 2 (2000)
- Adds Ghost Notes, Auto-Ducking, and multi-sampled WAV file support
  • Drumagog 3 (2002)
- New features included Visual Triggering, MIDI Output, Advanced Sample Management, Virtual Drum Display, Positional Multi-samples, Auto Sample Rate Conversion, Tracking Window Control, Blend Control, Sample Solo and Mute, and New Detailed User's Guide.[4]
  • Drumagog 4 (April 2005)
- Added Mac support, dropped DirectX, added VST, AU, and RTAS support
- New features included Advanced Triggering Mode, Live Triggering Mode, High-Quality Pitch Change Algorithm, Favorites, Auto-Align Mode, Adjustable Phase Control, Built-In Synthesizer, Filter and Synth Presets, Automation Support, and Support for Plug-In Delay Compensation [5]
  • Drumagog 5 (Oct 2010)[6]

The latest (and current) version is 5.1, released on 21-06-2011.


Drumagog has also been employed in a number of uses outside of music production. In the movie Happy Feet, Animal Logic used Drumagog to replace the taps of human dancers with samples of penguins walking.[7]


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