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Drummond Pike (born October 11, 1948) is an American philanthropist, activist and social entrepreneur. He founded Tides Foundation in 1976[1] and served as CEO of Tides[2] for 34 years. Pike helped pioneer the advent of donor advised funds in philanthropy.[citation needed]

Pike was born in San Rafael, California, the third of four brothers, to Peter Pike, an investment banker, and Catherine Cline Pike, Marin County’s first ever female pediatrician.[citation needed]

Pike studied Political Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and became involved in the anti-war movement of the late 1960s. He was selected as campus representative to the Board of Regents during his senior year in 1969, and graduated with a BA in 1970. Pike continued his education at the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University [3] where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Political Science.

Work and Activism[edit]

A summary of Pike’s lifelong career as an activist entrepreneur.

  • 1975: Co-founds the Youth Project in Washington DC, and serves as Associate Director.
  • 1976: Hired to lead the Shalan Foundation, housed in San Francisco.
  • 1976: Founds Tides Foundation, and pioneers the use of donor advised funds to support public interest organizations in the United States and abroad.
  • 1983: Co-founds Working Assets, a San Francisco-based telecommunications company dedicated to progressive philanthropy and political activism.
  • 1992: Founds Highwater, Inc, a real estate development venture designed to facilitate the provision of quality nonprofit workspace in metropolitan areas.
  • 1994: Proposes the Thoreau Center for Sustainability to The Presidio Trust.
  • 1995: Spearheads the Thoreau Center for Sustainability by rehabilitating the empty and dilapidated Letterman Hospital buildings according to a “green” architectural plan, using sustainably-harvested wood, recycled building materials, non-toxic paints and energy-efficient designs that maximize sunlight and natural ventilation.
  • 1996: Establishes Tides Center as a model for nonprofit fiscal sponsorship, a tactic intended to reduce duplication of administrative infrastructure in the nonprofit sector. Tides Center provides grants management, administrative, financial and human resources services to charitable initiatives not yet incorporated as 501(c)(3)s.[4]
  • 1999: Founds Groundspring.org (originally eGrants, which was later acquired by Network for Good). Network for Good is a nonprofit technology service provider founded by AOL, Yahoo! and Cisco to improve the efficacy of the nonprofit sector by providing Internet solutions that facilitate and enhance fundraising, communication, and engagement between nonprofit organizations and their stakeholders.[5]
  • 2002: Appointed to Founding Board Chair for Tides Canada Foundation, a parallel organization of the Tides Foundation.
  • 2006: Oversees Tides Shared Spaces’ opening of Center for Sustainability New York, a shared community and conference space for nonprofits in Lower Manhattan.


  • 2004: National Philanthropy Day’s Outstanding Foundation Professional Award.[6]
  • 2006: Mark Dubois Award from Friends of the River.[7]



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