Drums Across the River

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Drums Across the River
Drums Across the River FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Nathan Juran
Produced by Melville Tucker
Written by John K. Butler
Starring Audie Murphy
Cinematography Harold Lipstein
Edited by Virgil W. Vogel
Distributed by Universal International Pictures (UI)
Release dates
  • June 1954 (1954-06)
Running time 78 min
Country USA
Language English

Drums Across the River is a 1954 Technicolor Western directed by Nathan Juran, starring Audie Murphy and Walter Brennan.[1]


Gary Brannon (Murphy), is a peaceful homesteader living a quiet existence with his father Sam (Walter Brennan). Frank Walker (Lyle Bettger) is hoping to open up the Ute Indian territory for gold-mining purposes and tries to foment a war between the Utes and the local whites, while he steals a gold shipment and pins the blame on Gary. Gary starts off hating the Utes because they were responsible for killing his mother but gradually comes to be on their side and wants to expose the machinations of Walker.



The film was shot mostly on the Universal backlot, with location filming at Barton Flats in California's San Bernardino Mountains. This was Murphy's last film with Nathan Juran.[2]


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