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Drywall is a musical project of Los Angeles singer-songwriter Stan Ridgway, which he has variously described as an "electro/experimental noise combo," a "mad apocalyptic project," and "an experiment in terror, a collection of rants, laments and media overload."

Ridgway began the project in 1994 as a trio; with himself on electric guitar, keyboards and vocals, his wife Pietra Wexstun on synthesizer and backing vocals, and former Rain Parade drummer Ivan Knight. In 1995, Drywall released its first album (first of a "trilogy of apocalyptic documents"), titled Work The Dumb Oracle. The second "apocalyptic document," a 30-minute "art film" directed by Carlos Grasso titled The Drywall Incident, was released the same year. An extended, instrumental soundtrack album for The Drywall Incident was released in 1996.

After an extended layoff, Drywall regrouped with a new lineup in 2005 to release the album Barbeque Babylon, the third "apocalyptic document." The new Drywall lineup featured Ridgway, Wexstun and new member Rick King on guitars and bass. Though not an official member of the band, Bruce Zelesnik was also featured on drums and percussion.

Drywall's songs typically explore pessimistic themes such as crime, corruption, social decay, and eschatological prophesies from visionary and satirical viewpoints; employing a wide variety of musical styles ranging from electric blues and rock to Tejano and folk.


Work the Dumb Oracle (IRS, 1995)[edit]

1. Back Towards Diamond Bar
2. Police Call
3. New Blue Mercedes
4. Bel Air Blues
5. Hell In A Handbasket
6. Highway Song
7. Mr. Smith
8. Time Wave Zero
9. Old Bent Coin
10. My Exclusive Sex Club
11. Triangle Head
12. Big American Problem

The Drywall Incident Soundtrack (Geffen, 1996)[edit]

1. Blue Fog
2. Confusion at the Alibi Room
3. Violence and Murder
4. Drywall Incident
5. Flight to Earth
6. Riot in Dogtown
7. Wexston Burns the Money
8. Downtown Doorbell
9. Ivan's Walk for Food
10. Ridgway Trouble
11. Bring Me the Head of Jackie Lazar
12. Pinkerton Weeps for Dummy
13. SR Talks Gun Control
14. Questions, Then?
15. Drywall Is God
16. Visitors Are Here
17. Pencil for Jacob
18. Grasso Gets Fired
19. Drywall Incident Demo

The Drywall Project/The Drywall Incident (TWA, 1996)[edit]

Same content as Work the Dumb Oracle and The Drywall Incident Soundtrack

Barbeque Babylon (redFLY, 2005)[edit]

1. Goin' On Down To The BBQ
2. Fortune Cookies
3. Somewhere In The Dark
4. Abandon Ship
5. Buried The Pope
6. In Total Focus
7. The AARP Is After Me
8. That Big Weird Thing
9. Robbers & Bandits & Bastards & Thieves
10. Rain On Down
11. The Alibi Room
12. Wargasm
13. Bold Marauder
14. Land Of Spook
15. Something's Gonna Blow
16. Bushwhacked


  • The Drywall Incident directed by Carlos Grasso, 1995

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