Dušan Velkaverh

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Dušan Velkaverh
Birth name Dušan Velkaverh
Born (1943-09-12)September 12, 1943
Georgetown, Guyana
Genres pop
Occupation(s) lyricist
Years active 1968–

Dušan Velkaverh (born 12 September 1943) is a Slovenian lyricist of Slovene and English descent. He is considered a legend[1] of the Slovenian song festival history since about thirty of his 600 lyrics became major hits in Slovenia. In 2011, a concert was held in Križanke Summer Theatre, Ljubljana, with him as an honorary guest, where his greatest hits were interpreted by the Slovenian National TV's Symphony Orchestra and RTV Slovenia Big Band with many singers who sung them originally, as well as younger ones. He was awarded a major the Slovenian National TV award for his work at the same event.[1]


Dušan Velkaverh was born on September 12, 1943 in Georgetown, Guyana to a Slovene sailor and to an English nurse. In 1942, during World War II, his father joined the crew of an alliance ship, torpeted at the coast of South America. He met his wife, a daughter of a colonial clerk, in the hospital where he was recovering. Velkaverh was born a year later.[2]

Soon after his birth family moved to New York City where they stayed for a short period of time. Quickly after that, family moved to London. In 1948, they moved to Yugoslavia. At first, they were living in Belgrade, where his father got the job as a deputy of the minister of shipping, then they relocated to Rijeka. In 1956, the family came to Slovenia, first to Portorož and then to Ljubljana, where Velkaverh has been living since then. Velkaverh's mother and father spoke English. He learned Slovene at the age of 13. Previously he only spoke English and Serbo-Croatian. In 2007, he visited his birth house in Georgetown for the first time after sixty-four years.


He was a longtime chief of the music production at the Radio-Television of Slovenia, that is for the RTV Slovenia Big Band and RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra. He wrote lyrics for Dan ljubezni, a Yugoslavian song performed at the Eurovision Song Contest 1975 by Slovenian vocal band Pepel in kri ("Ashes and Blood"). In the early 1990s, he was the executive director of Slovenian music label Corona.

Hits singles[edit]

Lyrics writer[edit]

Year Song Performed by
- "Danes mi je 16 let" Lidija Kodrič
1969 "Ljubi, ljubi, ljubi" Eva Sršen
1970 "Mini-Maksi" Bele vrane
1971 "Silvestrski poljub" Alfi Nipič
1972 "Mlade oči" Ditka Haberl
"Ljubljančanke" Janko Ropret
"Gvendolina, kdo je bil?" Srce
"Med iskrenimi ljudmi" Majda Sepe
1974 "Maja z biseri" Janez Bončina
1975 "Dan ljubezni" Pepel in kri
1976 "Ti si rekla sonce" Ivo Mojzer & Strune
1978 "Bisere imaš v očeh" Oto Pestner
"Brez ljubezni mi živeti ni" Moni Kovačič
1980 "Dan neskončnih sanj" Vlado Kreslin
1981 "Marie, ne piši pesmi več" Hazard
"Vsak je sam" Hazard
1983 "Najlepše pesmi" Hazard
1985 "Nad mestom se dani" Ditka Haberl
"Zelene livade s teboj" 12. nadstropje
1986 "Slovenija, Moja dežela" O. Pestner & Strune
"Sabina" Bazar
1987 "Pustite nam ta svet" Vlado Kreslin
1990 "Insieme - Evropa '92" Pepel in kri
1992 "Svobodno sonce" Slovenian Band Aid
1993 "Nekdo igra klavir" Čudežna polja
1999 "Who's the real Kekec" Ali En