Du Haitao

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Du.
Du Haitao
Happy Camp (variety show) 1.jpg
Happy Camp, 2009. Du Haitao is first from the right.
Born (1987-10-28) October 28, 1987 (age 27)
Nationality Chinese
Occupation Television presenter, actor

Du Haitao (simplified Chinese: 杜海涛; traditional Chinese: 杜海濤; pinyin: Dù Hǎitāo) (born 28 October 1987) [1][2]is a host of "Happy camp"[3] of HNTV[4] in China. He was born in October 28, 1987 and hosts several entertainment programmes of HNTV. Because of participating in Talent Show, he joined HNTV and from then on took the acting road.



Year Title Chinese title Role Director Costar
2014 But Always 一生一世
2014 Fall in Love with You 这个大叔不太囧
2014 Forever Young 怒放之青春再见
2014 Husband and Wife Game 夫妻游戏
2014 Forever Love 201413
2013 Dating Fever 我为相亲狂
2013 Kidnapping of a Big Star 绑架大明星
2013 Running All the Way 一路狂奔
2013 Bring Happiness Home 快乐大本营之快乐到家
2013 The King of Comedy 喜剧王 Male Apprentice Tang Yu(唐昱) Sun Xing(孙兴)[5],Lv Kongwei(吕孔维)
2012 Little Man 美男记
2012 Substitute Millionaire 做次有钱人
2012 Happy Hotel 乐翻天
2011 Love in Space 全球热恋 Cameo role Chen Guohui(陈国辉),Xia Yongkang(夏永康) Chen Yixun(陈奕迅)[6]Angelababy
2011 Big Big Man 大人物 Cameo role Tan Hua(谭华) Wu Mengda(吴孟达)[7]Jin Sha(金莎)
2010 Xi You Ji 嘻游记 Li Dashao(李大勺) Zhong Shaoxiong(钟少雄) Xie Na(谢娜),He Jiong(何炅)
2009 Radish Warrior 倔强萝卜 Luo Yi(罗毅) Tian Meng(田蒙) Huang Bo(黄渤)


Year Title Chinese title Role Director Costar
2012 Sport Fat Man 运动飞侠 Hu Chuxi(胡储玺) Wu Mengda(吴孟达)
2011 The Glamorous Imperial Concubine 倾世皇妃[8] Waiter (店小二) Liang Xinquan(梁辛全),Lin Feng(林峰) Ruby Lin(林心如),Wallace Huo(霍建华)[9],Wu Xin(吴昕)
2011 Loose sweetheart" 落跑甜心 Lu Fuzhi (陆甫之) Wang Mingtai(王明台) Chen Xiang(陈翔),Wu Yi(武艺)
2009 "Campus Just Just" 校园恰恰恰 Zeng Jianfeng(曾剑锋)
2009 "Beauty not bad" 美女不坏 Jin Shuhui(金姝慧) Xie Na(谢娜),Xu Huixin(许慧欣)[10]

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Music composition[edit]

Albums: Happiness you understand (快乐你懂的) Released: 25 September 2010 Personal single song: Tomboy[14]