Du Wei (Water Margin)

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Du Wei
Water Margin character
Infantry leader of Fang La forces
Origin Blacksmith
Hometown Shezhou (present-day She County, Anhui)
Weapon Flying daggers
Simplified Chinese 杜微
Traditional Chinese 杜微
Pinyin Dù Wēi
Wade–Giles Tu Wei
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Du.

Du Wei is a fictional character in Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. He is a general of the rebel leader Fang La, one of the antagonists and enemy of the 108 Liangshan outlaws. He has inflicted heavy casualties on the Liangshan forces by killing Yu Baosi and Sun Erniang with his flying daggers, as well as indirectly causing the death of Qin Ming, who is slain by Fang Jie.


Du Wei is from Shezhou (present-day She County, Anhui) and used to be a blacksmith who forges weapons. He gains the trust of Fang La and becomes one of Fang's top generals later. Du Wei fights on foot and specializes in using his six flying daggers.

Du Wei plays an indirect role in the death of Liangshan veteran general Qin Ming. Qin Ming engages Fang Jie in a duel, with Du Wei following closely behind Fang Jie on foot. When Du Wei sees that Fang Jie is unable to overcome Qin Ming after fighting for several rounds, he hurls his flying dagger at Qin. Qin Ming blocks the projectile with his weapon and Fang Jie uses the opportunity to spear Qin to death. In another battle, Du Wei kills Liangshan's Yu Baosi and Sun Erniang with his flying daggers.

After Qingxi County has been taken by Liangshan forces, Du Wei escapes and tries to hide in the house of Wang Jiaojiao, a prostitute who used to live with him. However, Wang Jiaojiao's father captures and binds him before presenting him to Song Jiang. Song Jiang rewards Wang Jiaojiao's father and orders Du Wei to be executed by disembowelment as a sacrifice to the heroes he killed.