Du Wenxiu

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Du Wenxiu's headquarters in Dali, Yunnan; now the Dali City Museum
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Du.
Du Wenxiu
Chinese 杜文秀
Alternative Chinese name

Du Wenxiu (Chinese: 杜文秀; pinyin: Dù Wénxiù; Wade–Giles: Tu Wen-hsiu) (1823–1872) was the Chinese Muslim leader of the Panthay Rebellion, a Muslim separatist movement in China during the Qing Dynasty. Born in Yongchang (now Baoshan, Yunnan), Yunnan Du Wenxiu was the son of a Han Chinese who converted to Islam. His original name was Yang Xiu.[citation needed] He styled himself as the Sultan of Dali and reigned for 16 years. He was beheaded by Qing troops after his death.[1] His body is entombed in Xiadui.


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