Dubacan of Angus

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Dubacan of Angus (Medieval Gaelic: Dubacan mac Indrechtaich) is usually regarded as one of the earliest attested Mormaers. He is mentioned as Dubucan filius Indrechtaig mormair Oengusa (i.e. "Dubucan son of Indrechtach, Mormaer of Angus") in the Chronicle of the Kings of Alba, and it is told that he died along with his lord, Amlaib, son of Caustantín II at the Battle of Brunanburh (c. 937).

There is another Dubacan, called Dufagan comes in a spurious foundation charter for Scone Abbey. The latter has no province name, but he is often called Mormaer or Earl of Angus because he shares the same name as Dubacan son of Indrechtach.

Dubacan is considered a probable ancestor of Gilla Brigte of Angus. It is possible that Dubacan was succeeded by a man called Cuncar, although there is no information about their exact relationship.

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Mormaer of Angus
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