Dubai Islamic Bank

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Dubai Islamic Bank
Industry Financial Services
Founded 1975
Headquarters Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Products Banking and insurance

The Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) is an Islamic bank in Dubai, established in 1975. It is the first Islamic bank to have incorporated the principles of Islam in all its practices and is the largest Islamic bank in the UAE.[citation needed]

DIB is a public joint stock company, and its shares are listed on the Dubai Financial Market. The bank currently operates 62 branches in the UAE. sohail is the Bank President while HE Mohammed Al Shaibani is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

DIB is involved in local and international partnerships, having established DIB Pakistan Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary which has a network of 75 branches across 27 major cities in Pakistan. DIB also has a representative office in Turkey, and has received a preliminary banking licence by the Central Bank of Jordan to operate as an Islamic financial institution through a new entity - Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank.

Financial Information[edit]

Figure 2013!2012 2011 -
Total Assets 30,613,361 22,778,319 19,587,790
Shareholder's Equity 2,687,419 1,548,180 1,473,986
NIAT 461,003 234,456 159,798
Dividends NA 150,000 100,000
Assets Growth 34.40% 16.23% 27.81%
Earning Growth 96.64% 46.72% 4.77%

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