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Sketch of proposed DuBiotech Headquarters, under delayed construction

DuBiotech, short for The Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park was a planned development in Dubai which aimed to attract biotechnology research and development to the emirate. Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (DuBiotech) was officially launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai in February 2005, as part of the "Dubai 2010" vision to establish a knowledge-based economy. The Park is currently the world’s first freezone dedicated to the Life Science industry. The company is a subsidiary of the Government of Dubai's holding company, Dubai Holding. 2008 marketing brochures for DuBiotech described it as "the Middle East’s first science and business park dedicated to global life science," and as "a hub for fostering collaborations and innovation through its commitment to life science research, education and industry nationally and internationally."[1] In reality, the complex has languished following the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Only two buildings are finished and occupied, most proposed buildings (including the headquarters shown here) have not been completed, and most of the area remains as empty desert with paved roads through it.

DuBiotech, if it is ever completed, could cover 30,000,000 square feet (2,790,000 m2) of built-up area. It is located 30 km from the current Dubai International Airport (DXB) and 40 km from the new Dubai World Central International Airport (JXB) which upon completion, will be the world's largest airport.[2] The park is divided into zones that were initially proposed to be dedicated to various initiatives, including research and development, manufacturing and commercial office space, although only one zone has been occupied. Phase 1 of DuBiotech plans include DuBiotech’s Headquarters building named the 'Bio-HQ', under construction for a decade, the design of which was a recent recipient of the American Institute of Architects Honor Award for Design and Sustainability, and a large scale Laboratory Complex, named 'The Nucleotide Complex', which houses medical-related companies such as Maquet. The marketing materials claimed that all buildings in the park "will be constructed to support the rigorous requirements of scientific research and development," and "are to be LEED certified green buildings".

DuBiotech claims several incentives for companies to start operations at the park. There are no income taxes, although there are a wide variety of fees for a variety of government services and permits. DuBiotech has already attracted key players in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as entrepreneurs, drug manufacturers, and industry specific business support services.[citation needed] DuBiotech has set up the necessary infrastructure for life science companies to conduct activities within the park including hazardous waste management, custom support services for logistics and distribution activities, and centralised facilities for research and development activities.[citation needed] All companies located at DuBiotech are governed by international standard regulations.[citation needed] Several proposed additions either did not receive funding or have languished, including a proposed university providing graduate programs in life sciences, and BioTiqania, a continuing education institute which launched amid much publicity in 2008 but has been inactive since then.

DuBiotech has failed to build affiliations or alliances with the most distinguished universities, specialist hospitals, world regulatory bodies and other research parks that could link the DuBiotech community with the global Biotechnology industry.

Marketing brochures state that companies incorporated by the park or located within it "are offered several commercial benefits and incentives as a result of their Free Zone status".

These include: 100% foreign ownership, 100% repatriation of profits, 100% tax exemption, easy incorporation with minimal formalities, government services division (including registration, fast track immigration and customs procedures), long term land leases, guaranteed 50 years exemption from personal, income and corporate taxes, state-of-the-art IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

DuBiotech companies could cover the following industry segments, according to marketing brochures: Biotechnology, Medical, Industrial, Agricultural, Environmental, Equine/Animal/Marine, Pharmaceuticals, Neutraceuticals, Nanotechnology, Medical Devices, Bioinformatics, Forensic Science.

Industry Activities at DuBiotech, according to the marketing materials, include: Diagnostics, R&D including Drug Discovery, Manufacturing, Storage, Sales & Marketing, Distribution, Consulting / Service Providers, industry specific training, CROs & Clinical Trials.


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