Dublin Bus Route 102

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Sutton Station to Dublin Airport
System Transport for Ireland
Operator Dublin Bus
Garage Harristown
Status Operating
Locale Fingal
Communities served Portmarnock, Malahide, Swords
Landmarks served Dublin Airport
Start Station Road
Via Malahide Road
End Zone 13
Length 18.1 km (11.2 mi)
Level Daily
Frequency approx every 30 minutes
Journey time 70 minutes
Operates 05:45 - 23:30
Fare Staged
46A ←   → 142

Dublin Bus Route 102 is a bus route in Dublin, Ireland, that runs from Sutton Railway Station, in north-east Dublin city, to Dublin Airport near the town of Swords. It is operated by Dublin Bus and is the main bus route providing access to Dublin Airport from the towns of Malahide and Portmarnock, and the River Valley area of Swords. It operates from Monday to Sunday and has a frequency of approximately every 30 minutes in each direction.


Route 102 operates approximately every 30 minutes from Sutton Station in north-east Dublin City to Dublin Airport near the town of Swords. It runs along the coast, via Station Road, Strand Road, Coast Road, Strand Road, Carrickhill Road, Redfern Avenue, Wendell Avenue, Coast Road, Dublin Road, Yellow Walls Road, Estuary Road, Malahide Road, Montgorry Way, Malahide Road, Forrest Road, River Valley Road, Rathingle Road, Forrest Road, Naul Road and into Dublin Airport Zone 13, utillising the R106 road for a large portion of its journey.[1]


To determine fare prices routes are divided into different fare stages. Route 102 is divided into 25 different stages. The fare charged depends on how many stages travelled. Cash fares must be paid in coins in the exact amount.[2] Passengers can avail of cheaper fares by using a prepaid "Leapcard", which can be purchased and topped up at Payzone outlets.[3]

Adult Cash Adult Leap Child Cash Child Leap
Schoolchild* N/A N/A €0.95 €0.75
1-3 Stages €1.95 €1.50 €1.15 €0.90
4-7 Stages €2.55 €2.05 €1.15 €0.90
8-13 Stages €2.80 €2.05 €1.40 €1.10
Over 13 Stages €3.30 €2.60 €1.40 €1.10
  • Schoolchild Cash Fares apply only during normal school terms, for travel between home and school Monday to Friday up to 19:00hrs and on Saturday up to 13:30hrs.


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