Dublin Bus Route 33

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Lower Abbey Street to Balbriggan
System Transport for Ireland
Operator Dublin Bus
Garage Summerhill
Status Operating
Night-time 33n
Locale Dublin City, Fingal
Communities served Swords, Rush, Skerries
Start Lower Abbey Street
Via Swords Road
End Dublin Street
Length 42.2 km (26.2 mi)
Other routes 33a, 33b, 33x, 33d
Competition Bus Éireann (Route 101)
Level Daily
Frequency Approx every 30 minutes
Operates 04:50 - 23:50
Fare Staged & Outer Suburban
←   → 41

Dublin Bus Route 33 is a bus route in Dublin, Ireland, that runs from Lower Abbey Street, in Dublin city centre, to Dublin Street in the town of Balbriggan, via Swords, Lusk, Rush and Skerries. It is operated by Dublin Bus and is the main bus route serving the northern area of Fingal. Route 33a operates extra services between Swords and Balbriggan and route 33b operates services connecting services between Swords and Portraine. Routes 33x and 33d are peaktime Xpresso services and route 33n is a weekend Nitelink service.



Route 33 operates from Lower Abbey Street in Dublin City Centre to Dublin Street in the town of Balbriggan. It runs along the Swords Quality Bus Corridor, via Gardiner Street, Dorset Street, Drumcondra Road Lower, Drumcondra Road Upper, Swords Road, Dublin Road, Swords Main Street, North Street, Lissenhall, Blakes Cross, Lusk, Rush and Lusk railway station, Whitestown Road, Rush Main Street, Skerries Road, Holmpatrick, Strand Street, Thomas Hand Street, Dublin Road, Town Parks Road, North Cliff Heights, Balbriggan Road, Skerries Road, and Old Market Green, utillising the R132, R127 and R128 roads for a large portion of its journey.[1]


Route 33a operates extra services along the northern section of route 33 between Swords and Balbriggan. It operates along the same route as the 33 between Dublin Road, Swords and Dublin Street, Balbriggan.[2] Together routes 33 and 33a give a frequency of approximately every 30 minutes between Swords and Balbriggan. Passengers can connect with route 41 services between Swords and Dublin city centre which operate every 10 minutes.


Route 33b is a connecting service between Swords and Portrane. It operates from the Pavilions Shopping Centre via Swords Main Street, North Street, Lissenhall, Hearse Road, Donabate Main Street, Portrane Road and the Burrow, Portrane.[3]

Xpresso 33x & 33d[edit]

Xpresso route 33x is a peak time express service from Skerries to Dublin city centre. During the morning peak, services depart from Mourne View, Skerries and follow the same route as the 33 as far as Lissenhall, then operate via M1 motorway, Dublin Port Tunnel, North Wall Quay, Georges Quay, D'Olier Street, Nassau Street, Kildare Street and Merrion Row. During the evening peak, services depart from Custom House Quay and operate via North Wall Quay, East Wall Road, Dublin Port Tunnel, M1 motorway and Lissenhall, then follows the same route as the 33 as far as Mourne View, Skerries.[4]

Xpresso route 33d is a peak time express service from Portrane to Dublin city centre. It follows the same route as the 33b between Portrane and Lissenhall and the 33x between Lissenhall and Dublin city centre.[5]

Nitelink 33n[edit]

Nitelink route 33n is a weekend nighttime service between Westmoreland Street in Dublin city centre and Balbriggan. It follows the same route as the 33 and has departures every 2 hours late on Friday and Saturday nights. It also serves Dublin Airport. It only operates in one direction so there are no services from Balbriggan into Dublin city centre.[6]


To determine fare prices routes are divided into different fare stages. Route 33 is divided into 25 stages, route 33a into 7 and route 33b into 16. The fare charged depends on how many stages travelled.[7] Higher outer suburban fares apply for journeys north of Lissenhall on routes 33 & 33a.[8] Cash fares must be paid in coins in the exact amount. Passengers can avail of cheaper fares by using a prepaid "Leapcard", which can be purchased and topped up at Payzone outlets.[9]

Xpresso routes 33x & 33d have separate fares and are both divided into two fare zones. A flat fare applies to Nitelink route 33n.

Adult Cash Adult Leap Child Cash Child Leap
Within City Centre €0.75 €0.60 €0.75 €0.60
Schoolchild* N/A N/A €0.95 €0.75
1-3 Stages €1.95 €1.50 €1.15 €0.90
4-7 Stages €2.55 €2.05 €1.15 €0.90
8-13 Stages €2.80 €2.05 €1.40 €1.10
Over 13 Stages €3.30 €2.60 €1.40 €1.10
Xpresso All Zones €3.60 €2.85 €1.50 €1.20
Nitelink 33n €6.50 €5.00 N/A N/A
  • Schoolchild Cash Fares apply only during normal school terms, for travel between home and school Monday to Friday up to 19:00hrs and on Saturday up to 13:30hrs.


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