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Dublin Wives
The first season's logo.
Country of origin Ireland
Original language(s) English
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 8
Original channel TV3
Original release 28 May 2012 (2012-05-28) – 10 January 2013 (2013-01-10)

Dublin Wives (previously Dublin Housewives) is an Irish reality television programme airing on TV3, set in Dublin. The series follows the lives of five housewives living in the city; Danielle Meagher, Jo Jordan, Lisa Murphy, Roz Flanagan and Virginia Macari, and introduces viewers to their lifestyles, families and homes.[1]

The first series followed a similar format to the US franchise The Real Housewives,[2] though it has no connection to that franchise, and was required to make changes amid concerns from NBC. According to the series premise they are "living the dream with handsome husbands, beautiful children, stylish homes and a fabulous wardrobe."[3] The Irish Mail on Sunday described the series as unscripted, but with the scenarios contrived by the producers.[2]

The Wives[edit]

Danielle Meagher[edit]

Danielle Meagher (born 1977[4] or 1979/80[5]), also known as "Danielle Marr", is an Irish television personality, best known for appearing in Dublin Wives[5] and the twelfth series of Celebrity Big Brother.[6] She runs a Botox clinic in Dublin.[7]

Meagher changed her name to Danielle Marr for her appearance in Celebrity Big Brother 2013.[8] On Day 7, she became the first housemate to be evicted.[citation needed]

Danielle is the only single one in the Dublin Wives group.[citation needed] She has a 9 year old son 'OJ'.[citation needed]

Jo Jordan[edit]

Jo Jordan is an entrepreneur.[citation needed] Jordan lives in Castleknock, although she spent her childhood living on the streets, and later in Ballymun.[citation needed] Jordan has two sons, Gavin and Josh, having first given birth at the age of 16.[citation needed] She met her husband, James, 10 years ago and together they have built a successful business.[citation needed] Jordan planned to start a makeup line with fellow Dublin Wife, Lisa Murphy.[citation needed]

Lisa Murphy[edit]

Lisa Murphy is a socialite, owns a beauty salon "A New Lisa Life", and has also appeared in magazines.[citation needed] Murphy describes herself as being "a bit of a square" and surprisingly shy. After an interview on Ireland AM, Gerald Kean announced that he and Lisa were planning to get married.[9]

Roz Flanagan[edit]

Roz Flanagan is from county Monaghan.[citation needed] Flanagan and her husband Vincent manage a family food business and have four daughters.[citation needed] Flanagan met her husband at the age of sixteen, and married him when she was twenty.[citation needed] Flanagan donates much of her freetime to supporting The Cari Foundation.[citation needed]

Virginia Macari[edit]

Virginia Macari is a fashion designer, actress and model.[citation needed] Macari is a member of the "Macari Fish and Chip dynasty".[citation needed] She was born in Italy but raised in Cork.[citation needed]
Macari has a son named Thor.[citation needed] She is attempting to launch her own bikini line.[citation needed]

Name change[edit]

In late 2012, NBC became interested in Dublin Housewives (which is not part of The Real Housewives franchise) and noticed similarities between it and their franchise. After viewing an episode of the show, NBC requested changes be made.

It was agreed between NBC and TV3 that the 'Housewives' title of the series would be replaced by 'Wives' and that Dublin's Spire be removed from the programme's logo, which appeared similar to promotional material for The Real Housewives of New York City which features the iconic Empire State Building.[10]

According to a report in the Irish Independent, the change came after direct contact from NBC which owns The Real Housewives franchise, recently valued by The Hollywood Reporter as being worth upwards of half a billion dollars.[citation needed]

A TV3 source stressed that all contact with NBC had been amicable, and that NBC were impressed by Dublin Wives.[11]


As Jeff Ford replaced Ben Frow as the director of content at TV3 he said major shows will be axed, as he brings in fresh content to lead the channel upmarket and away from the trashy reality shows favoured by his predecessor.[citation needed] The stars and production company of Dublin Wives have not been contacted by TV3 about a new series, "No one has heard one way or the other about its re-commissioning. It's the silence on the matter that would prompt me to believe that it won't be coming back," said a source.[12]
It has been revealed that the likes of Tallafornia and Dublin Wives will be axed as Ford believes these are too trashy - with industry insiders saying UTV may consider bidding for the company.[citation needed] A source said: "Jeff did hint that he might move them to 3e but it looks like he’s not keen to make them again as he doesn’t feel the money involved in making them justifies the figures.[13]


Jo Jordan and Lisa Murphy have been filming their own fly-on-the-wall documentary series, they are calling: Jo And Lisa ... Keeping Up Appearances. The pair are in talks with RTÉ and TV3[disambiguation needed] about getting it commissioned.[citation needed] "It's not like Dublin Wives showing us in fancy hotels, but it is very much fly-on-the-wall, where you can see us on our good days, our bad days, without make-up and taking in our washing – stuff like that".[14]

Danielle Meagher has also been filming her own spin-off show of Dublin Wives, 'Dr Danielle's Diaries'.[citation needed] The program features Meagher taking part in activities such as cooking and modelling, and also shows her at her botox clinic 'derma face'.[citation needed] So far, the show has not been commissioned by either TV3 or RTÉ.[citation needed]


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