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Web Summit
Dublin Web Summit logo.png
Status Active
Genre Technology
Venue Royal Dublin Society
Location(s) Dublin
Country Ireland
Inaugurated 2010
Attendance 20,000
Organized by Ci
Web Summit [1]

Web Summit (formerly called Dublin Web Summit; Gaeilge: An Greasán Crinniú Mullaigh) is a technology-industry conference held in Dublin, Ireland since 2010. The topic of the conference is centered on internet technology and the audience is a mix of CEOs and founders of tech start ups together with a range of people from across the global technology industry, as well as related industries.

The event is held over three days. Attendance at the conference has grown from 500 attendees in 2010, to over 10,000 in 2013 from 78 countries.[1]

Web Summit is run by Ci, a company that runs events throughout the world including F.ounders Dublin,[2] and F.ounders New York. [3]

Web Summit 2014 will be held over three days and comprises 4 Primary Summits; Machine, Enterprise, Marketing and Builders. Organisers expect 2014's Web Summit to attract over 20,000 attendees from 106 countries, it did have over 22,000 attendees.[4]


The 2014 Web Summit is currently in session, and will end on the November 6th, 2014. The event is being attended by 22,000 people from 109 countries.[5][6]


In 2013, over 10,000 people attended the Web Summit, the vast majority from outside of Ireland.[7] Speakers included Elon Musk, Shane Smith, Tony Hawk, Drew Houston, and Niklas Zennström.

The event expanded in its scope with a number of side-events launching as part it, including the Night Summit,[8] a series of after-hours events featuring musicians from throughout the world, and the Food Summit, a two-day showcase of gourmet Irish Food.[9]

Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, also opened the NASDAQ Market from the Web Summit, the first time it was opened outside of New York since the Facebook IPO.[10] As a result of this and the high-profile nature of the attendees, the event was covered substantially in the international media with Bloomberg Television, CNN and others broadcasting live globally from it.[11]


In 2012, 4,200 people attended Web Summit, approximately 40% of these came from companies based in Ireland (which provides a European HQ for several major tech companies) and 60% came from companies based elsewhere in Europe. Speakers included Tim Armstrong, Wael Ghonim, and Arkady Volozh.

A number of companies from across the world also launched their new products or made announcements as part of the event.[12]


The first Web Summit was a meet-up for 500 or so of the local technology community in the Chartered Accountants House in Dublin. Speakers were mainly local entrepreneurs, business people, and investors.[13] In 2011, the event tripled in size and moved to the Royal Dublin Society its current venue. Speakers included Chad Hurley, Jack Dorsey and Matt Mullenweg.

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