Duc du Maine (slave ship)

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Career (France)
Name: Duc du Maine
Owner: Compagnie des Indes
Builder: Saint-Malo, France
Launched: 1707
General characteristics
Class and type: Fregat
Tons burthen: 320 tons, or 365 tons
Length: 101.71 ft (31.00 m)
Beam: 29.86 ft (9.10 m)
Complement: Crew of 71; appx. 390 slaves
Armament: 20 guns mounted
Fiche de Desarmement of the first two African slave-trade ships to Louisiana, dated October 4, 1719

The Duc du Maine (along with the Aurore) was a slave ship which brought the first African slaves to Louisiana on June 6, 1719 from Senegambia.[1][2]


The ship could carry 500 to 600 slaves.[1][2] Several voyages have been documented in the Trans Atlantic Slave Database.[3]

First voyage[edit]

The first documented slave voyage (Voyage 32884) was in 1719 under Capt. de Lauduoine.[3] began at Port Louis, France. Slaves were purchased at Whydah, and landed at Biloxi.[3] Other sources state that after three months at sea, the first landing occurred at Dauphin Island with 250 slaves.[1][2] The voyage ended in Lorient, France.[3]

Second voyage[edit]

The second voyage, (Voyage 32851), under Capt. N. Roseau with 349 slaves, arrived in March 1721.[1][2] The voyage also began in France, but the slaves were purchased in the Bight of Benin, and disembarked on the Gulf Coast.[3]

Third voyage[edit]

The third voyage (Voyage 33116) under Capt. A. de Lavigne carried slaves from West Central Africa and St. Helena to Martinique, arriving Jan. 14, 1727. Of 491 slaves, 431 were alive to disembark at Martinique. 42 out of 91 crew members died en route.[3]

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