Duchy of Krumlov

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Arms of Eggenbergs as dukes of Krumlov

The Duchy of Krumlov (Krumau in German) was a vassal Duchy in the southern part of the Kingdom of Bohemia, comprising Český Krumlov and its surrounding territories, now in the Czech Republic.

In 1628, it was given to Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg by King Ferdinand II when he bestowed upon Hans Ulrich the title of Duke of Krumlov. The Bohemian possessions of the Eggenbergs went to Hans Ulrich's son, Johann Anton.

In 1649, the title passed to his son, Johann. He married Marie Ernestine of Schwarzenberg, who was a Countess of Schwarzenberg. With his death, the male line of the House of Eggenberg came to an end. The death of Marie Ernestine in 1719 caused the Bohemian possessions of the Eggenbergs to pass to her closest relatives, the Schwarzenbergs.

The Duchy of Krumlov was obtained by Prince Adam Francis Charles of Schwarzenberg in 1723, and the title of "Duke of Krumlov" is reserved for the head of the House of Schwarzenberg.

Dukes of Krumlov[edit]