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Sign for a duck crossing on the road between two ponds fronting Lakeview Regional Medical Center south of Covington in Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana

A duck crossing is either a designated place for ducks to cross a road or an informal route based on the creatures' instincts.

Despite ducks being as aware of their surroundings and possible dangers as most birds are, they still get involved in accidents. The increasing number of fatalities on the roads led to concern within local towns and communities, a solution was made to both slow traffic down and end deaths of ducks. Despite man made crossings (a sign normally) a duck crossing may also refer to a route ducks use to cross roads, if frequent sightings of ducks crossing at a certain part of a road are made then it can be considered an informal duck crossing. However these are usually signposted soon enough then becoming formal.

The duck crossing can be seen as an institution to preservation during the rapid urbanization of the twentieth century.

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