Duel in the Jungle

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Duel in the Jungle
Duel in the Jungle 1954 poster.jpg
1954 US Theatrical Poster
Directed by David Farrar
Written by Sam Marx
Starring Dana Andrews
Jeanne Crain
David Farrar
Release dates
  • 21 August 1954 (1954-08-21)
Running time
98 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Box office £205,010 (UK)[1]

Duel in the Jungle is a 1954 British Independent adventure film directed by George Marshall and starring Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain and David Farrar.[2]


Its plot involves an American insurance investigator who is sent to Southern Rhodesia to investigate the suspicious death of a major diamond dealer.[3]


Production notes[edit]

  • Production Dates: 24 Aug-early Dec 1953
  • Although the copyright states that the screenplay was based on an original story by S. K. Kennedy, a July 1953 Variety article reports that screenwriters Samuel Marx and Tommy Morrison used a German novel originally published in 1942 as its source.
  • Portions of the film were shot in South Africa at Port Elizabeth, Bechuanaland, Victoria Falls and Johannesburg. An October 1953 Daily Variety news item stated that scenes were shot at Krueger National Park.
  • During production, assistant director Anthony Kelly died when he was thrown from his overturned canoe into a whirlpool on the Zambesi River and then into the jaws of crocodiles
  • The Hollywood Reporter review noted that after audiences at a 29 July 1954 Los Angeles preview jeered at the film's ending, Warner Bros. re-edited the final scenes. The Variety review lists the running time of the British release as 105 minutes; reviews of the American version list the running time as 98 min


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