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This article is about the barony of Dufferin in Northern Ireland. For other uses see, see Dufferin.

Dufferin (from Irish: [A]n Duibhthrian, meaning "the black third"[1]) is a barony in County Down, Northern Ireland.[2] It is on the south-east shore of Strangford Lough, and is bordered by three other baronies: Castlereagh Lower to the north; Castlereagh Upper to the west; and Lecale Lower to the south.[2]

Dufferin, along with the barony of Kinelarty and part of Castlereagh was at one time part of the territory of the Cenél Foghartaigh (Kinelarty), ruled by the Mac Artáin (MacCartan) sept.[3][4] The Ó Labhradha (Lowry, Lavery) sept are also noted in Dufferin.[4][5]

Baron Dufferin and Claneboye, of Ballyleidy and Killyleagh in County Down, is a title in the Peerage of Ireland, created in 1800 for Dorcas Blackwood from Killyleagh.


Below is a list of settlements in Dufferin:[6]

List of civil parishes[edit]

Below is a list of civil parishes in Dufferin:[6][7]

  • Killinchy (split with baronies of Castlereagh Lower and Upper)
  • Killyleagh (split with barony of Castlereagh Upper)


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Coordinates: 54°30′N 5°45′W / 54.500°N 5.750°W / 54.500; -5.750