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Partridge Way on the Duffryn Estate
This article is about Housing estate in Newport. For other places named Duffryn or Dyffryn, see Dyffryn.

Duffryn (Welsh: Dyffryn) is a large housing estate [1] in the southwest of the city of Newport, south Wales comprising a large portion of the Tredegar Park electoral district (ward). Built on land belonging to Tredegar House [2], it was completed in 1978 and at the time won several awards for its design. The layout of the estate, as viewed from above, is that of large terraces undulating around a central wooded area. Originally a Council Estate, Duffryn is now a mix of private ownership and Newport City Homes RSL (Registered Social Landlord) properties.

The design of the estate is the result of a council competition. It was won by a consortium committed to the theories of planning devised in the architecture department of Cambridge University in the 1960s. The District Amenities Centre that was planned for the south-west corner of the 96-acre site was never built, so the plan of a largely self-sufficient community was not realised.[1]

Despite the relative recent development of the estate, the name Duffryn is an ancient name for the area. Duffryn is an anglicised version of the Welsh Dyffryn (meaning large U-shaped valley).

Duffryn is home to two of Newport's largest secondary schoolsDuffryn High School [3] and St. Joseph's RC High School. In 2006, Duffryn High School was the filming location of the Doctor Who episode "School Reunion", filmed in late-summer 2005.

The majority of the estate is heated from an updated central boiler house.


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