Duffy binding proteins

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Duffy binding domain
PDB 1zro EBI.jpg
crystal structure of eba-175 region ii (rii) crystallized in the presence of (alpha)2,3-sialyllactose
Symbol Duffy_binding
Pfam PF05424
Pfam clan CL0195
InterPro IPR008602
Duffy binding protein N terminal
Symbol DuffyBP_N
Pfam PF12377
InterPro IPR021032

In molecular biology, Duffy binding proteins are found in plasmodia. Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium knowlesi merozoites invade Homo sapiens erythrocytes that express Duffy blood group surface determinants. The Duffy receptor family is localised in micronemes, an organelle found in all organisms of the phylum Apicomplexa.[1][2]

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