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Dugal is a surname with multiple origins. In some cases it is derived from the Gaelic personal name Dùghall (variously spelt), or else from a reduced form of the surname MacDougall (which is an Anglicised surname originating from a patronymic form of Dùghall, Dubhghall, and etc.). The Gaelic Dùghall and Dubhghall are composed of elements dubh and gall, meaning "dark" and "stranger". In other cases, the surname Dugal is of French origin. In other cases, the surname is of Punjabi origin, as a Khatri and Sikh name based upon the name of a Khatri clan. This Indian surname is more often spelt Duggal.


Dugal is also a surname of a Marathi family originally given by the rulers of the Peshwa dynasty meaning the third line people in the war.