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This article is about the surname Dugan. For other uses, see Dugan (disambiguation).
Dugan / Duggan
Family name
Meaning Derived from Dubhagáin meaning dark or black
Region of origin Celtic
Related names Duggan, Dougan, Doughan, Doogan, Dogan, and Duggin

Dugan or Duggan (Irish: Uí Dhúgáin) is an Irish surname derived from Ó Dubhagáinn. The best known family of the name had its territory near the modern town of Fermoy in north Cork, and were originally the ruling family of the Fir Maighe tribal group which gave its name to the town. They claimed descent from Mug Ruith, the legendary magician of the Fir Bolg. They ceded pre-eminence to the O'Keeffe family in the eleventh century, but remained powerful in the area. Along with the other Fir Maighe families they lost their power when the Normans conquered the territory in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

In modern day, the name is found throughout Ireland. In the north, Dugan, Dougan, and Doogan are common, a large portion descended from families originally in County Fermanagh. Doogan is common in County Donegal. Duggan is most prevalent in Dublin, Munster, and the majority of County Cork, County Tipperary, County Wexford, and County Waterford.

Dugan and Dougan are also common Scottish names. Throughout other English speaking countries, Dugan and its many variants, including Duggan, Dougan, Doughan, Doogan, and Duggin are widespread. Dugan ranked 1,705 in surname listings in the 1990 United States Census.[1] In Great Britain, Duggan ranked 1,950 in surname listings from the 1881 Census, then surged to 1,025 in surname listings from the 1996 Electoral roll.[2]

Notable people[edit]

  • Alan Dugan (1923–2003) was an American poet whose work won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
  • Dennis Dugan (born 1946), American actor and film director
  • Eileen C. Dugan (1945–1996), New York politician
  • Fred Dugan (born 1933), American football player with the San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, and Washington Redskins
  • James Dugan (1912–1967), American historian and writer
  • Jeff Dugan (born 1981), American football player with the Minnesota Vikings
  • Joe Dugan (1897–1982), American baseball player from 1917–1931
  • Len Dugan (1910–1967), American football player
  • Michael Dugan (disambiguation), several people
  • Raymond Smith Dugan (1878–1940), American Astronomer, textbook author and professor at Princeton University
  • Tom Dugan (1889–1955), American actor who was chosen for the first all-talking feature film, Lights of New York.
  • Winston Dugan, 1st Baron Dugan of Victoria (1877–1951), British administrator who served as governor of South Australia
  • Alfred Duggan (1903–1964) author and historian
  • Hubert Duggan (1904–1943) soldier and Member of Parliament
  • Jeremiah Duggan (1980–2003), British student who died in disputed circumstances linked to the LaRouche movement
  • Jim Duggan (born 1954), American professional wrestler known as "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
  • Madeline Duggan (born 1994), English actress
  • Mark Duggan (1981–2011), British man shot and killed by police in Tottenham, London, England
  • Patrick Duggan (1813–1896), Irish Roman Catholic clergyman
  • Seánie Duggan (1922–2013), Irish hurler
  • Mike Doogan (born 1948), American writer, journalist and politician
Ó Dubhagáin

Fictional Characters[edit]

  • Duggan, a police detective Inspector as played by Tom Chadbon in the 1979 Doctor Who story City of Death, written by David Agnew - a pseudonym for the combined efforts of Douglas Adams and Graham Williams rewriting an original script by David Fisher
  • Dum Dum Dugan, an officer of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is one of the most experienced members of Nick Fury's team, known for his marksmanship with rifles and for his impressive physique.
  • Pat Dugan, a superhero from DC Comics, wears an armored suit called S.T.R.I.P.E. Former member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and once the sidekick to the Star-Spangled Kid. Stepfather to Courtney Whitmore.
  • Michael Dugan, CEO of EchoStar, the satellite company affiliated with Dish Network.

Further reading[edit]

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