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Developer Julián U. da Silva Gillig
OS family Real-time operating systems
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Latest release Arduino 1.5.3+, FreeRTOS 1.5.2+ / September 30, 2013
Marketing target Embedded devices
Platforms Atmel AVR, AVR32
Kernel type Microkernel
License Modified GPL
Official website github.com/DuinOS

DuinOS is a real-time operating system with a preemptive multitasking system for Arduino and Atmel AVR based boards. It is developed by RobotGroup. It is based on a robust kernel that is FreeRTOS and that is fully open source. This system can plug in the Arduino's integrated development environment (IDE).

Supported Microcontrollers[edit]

This is a list of Supported AVR Microcontollers for DuinOS:

  • ATmega168
  • ATMega328
  • ATMega644
  • ATMega1280
  • ATMega1284


  • 0.1.0 Alpha / 2009.11.02

- Arduino IDE updated to version 0017 (?)
- FreeRTOS updated to version 5.4.2
- Add example MoreComplexBlinking (Blinks two LEDs)

  • 0.2.0 Alpha / 2010.06.30

- Arduino IDE updated to version 0018
- FreeRTOS updated to version 6.0.5
- Add new example MoreComplexBlinkingAndSound (Blinks two LEDs and play sound)

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