Duke of Goa

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Ducal House of Goa
Armas duques albuquerque.png
Country Portugal
Parent house House of Vila Verde
  • Duke of Goa
Founded 1515
Founder Afonso de Albuquerque
Final ruler Brás de Albuquerque
Deposition 1581

The Ducal House of Goa was a short, but very important, ancient noble house of Portugal. The title "Duke of Goa" was the first Portuguese ducal title given outside the royal family, and the first Portuguese noble title to be granted to a territory overseas, Goa. The title was bestowed upon Afonso de Albuquerque by the Portuguese King Manoel I in 1515 as a reward for his outstanding performance for the Portuguese Empire. The title and house would soon become extinct with Afonso's son, Brás de Albuquerque, who would die without male heirs.

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