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Duke of Montblanc (Catalan: Duc de Montblanc, Spanish: Duque de Montblanc) is a Spanish noble title, which has been reserved as one of the titles of the heir apparent prince since the 15th century, pertaining first to the Aragonese and then to the Spanish crown. The title specifically represent the heir to the Principality of Catalonia, a part of the Crown of Aragon.

The Dukedom of Montblanc was created by John I of Aragon when he granted it to his brother Martin, future king Martin I of Aragon on January 6, 1387. When Martin become King of Aragon in 1396 the title returned to the crown.

The duke of Montblanc was since then on a non-hereditary title that the king honoured to someone, usually a son of him. When the title was held by Ferdinand II of Aragon, it granted to the heir apparent of the kingdoms of the crown of Aragon, together with the one of Prince of Girona.

With the Spanish Succession War (1700–1714), the winner Philip V of Spain disarticulate all the status and constitutions of crown of Aragon, and so the dukedom of Montblanc.

Since September 8, 1996 this title is reserved to Felipe, Prince of Asturias in his condition of heir apparent to the Spanish crown. Prince Felipe became the first member of the House of Bourbon to use it.

Coat of arms of the Duchy of Montblanc.

Personal Coat of Arms of Prince Felipe of Spain as Duke of Montblanc (Unofficial)

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