Dukes (surname)

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Family name
Meaning derived from Son or Descendant of Duke, meaning Leader
Region of origin England
Related names Duke, Dukeson
Footnotes: Frequency Comparisons: [1]

Dukes is a patronymic form of the surname Duke that originated in medieval England, of Anglo-Norman origin.[2] The meaning is derived from son or descendant of Duke, which was originally recorded le Duc, a term used to mean "leader" before it became associated with a specific rank of the nobility.[3] It is an uncommon name; the 2000 United States Census showed it to be the 1,577th most popular surname,[4] while the United Kingdom Census of that same year showed it to be the 1,749th most popular.[1]

Earliest usage[edit]

The earliest recorded uses of the surname include:

Ralph or Radulphus Dux in 1199, Buckinghamshire,[5]
Arnold de Dukes in 1200, Cambridgeshire,[6]
Henry or Henricus Dukes in 1214, Warwickshire.[7]

People with the surname Dukes[edit]

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