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Executive Editor Sarbari Gupta
Categories News magazine
Frequency Monthly
Founder Sarbari Gupta
Year founded 2012
First issue October 21, 2012 (2012-10-21)
Company Dukool LLC
Country United States
Based in Edgewood Kentucky
Language Bengali and American English
Website du-kool.com
ISSN 2326-1420
OCLC number 823755328

Dukool is a Bengali magazine that is published in the United States for Bengalis all over the world. Specifically targeting first generation and second generation Bengalis currently living in the United States, along with Bengalis in Bangladesh and India. Dukool provides a source for all Bengalis away from home to be able to stay up to date on what is happening in their home. Dukool helps keep Bengalis all over the world informed about the world around them, and is a Bengali News magazine. Dukool was started in the hopes that it would provide a bridge for Bengalis away from home, and to help guide first and second generation Bengali's in America.

The Dukool magazine incorporates the latest Bengali and World news into its magazine. Along with news, Dukool also provides articles in the magazine for leisure and entertainment reading. Dukool also features poems in their magazine. Every month Dukool also makes sure to include an article on health, cooking and travel within the United States. At the end of the Dukool magazine, Dukool includes a section for second generation juvenile Bengali Americans called, Do Cool. In this last section the Dukool magazine is written in English differing from the rest of the magazine, which is written in Bengali. This last section provides movie reviews, and information on many other topics. The articles in this section are often written by second generation juvenile Bengali Americans, whereas the rest of the magazine is typically made up of writing by professional Bengali writers from all over the world, and staff writers and editors at Dukool.

Dukool likes to collect the works of Bengali writers from everywhere in the world and compile them in their magazine, and make it a base for many writers to publish their work.


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