Dumbo's Circus

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Dumbo's Circus
Starring Patty Maloney
Mark Sawyer
Van Snowden
Joe Giamalava
Sharon Baird
Norman Merrill, Jr.
Caleb Chung
Ron Mangham
Voices of Katie Leigh
Walker Edmiston
Patricia Parris
Jim Cummings
Will Ryan
Hal Smith
Ron Gans
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 120
Running time 30 Minutes
Original channel The Disney Channel
Audio format Stereo
Original run May 6, 1985 – 1989

Dumbo's Circus was a live action/puppet television series that aired on The Disney Channel beginning on May 6, 1985,[1] and featured the character of Dumbo from the original film. The series was in production for three and a half seasons,[2] and reruns continued to air until February 28, 1997.[3]

Many of the show's cast went on to star in the popular Christian radio series, Adventures in Odyssey.


In the show, Dumbo has grown up, is able to speak, and has struck out on his own to begin his own circus. He and a cast of characters fly from town to town, in a wagon pulled through the air by Dumbo, performing their "greatest little show on earth". Other than Dumbo, none of the characters from the original film appeared in the show. Each character would perform a particular talent, which ranged from dancing and singing to telling knock knock jokes.


  • Dumbo: Also known as the "World's Only Flying Elephant". Star of the circus, Dumbo still relies on his magic feather to help him fly. He can usually be seen pulling the Circus wagon from place to place up in the sky. Often talks to the camera (breaking the fourth wall) towards the boys and girls watching the show, telling them when it's time for a song or for the sideshow. Being an elephant, Dumbo's memory is usually very good (based on the expression "An elephant never forgets."), his hearing is very sharp and sometimes his sneezes are often strong - strong enough to cause some wind.
  • Lionel: A Brooklyn accented lion who serves as Dumbo's right-hand partner, popcorn server, ticket taker and sideshow barker. Has a knot in his tail. Lionel was inspired by the character of Timothy Q. Mouse from the 1941 film.[citation needed] Lionel's voice is almost similar to Mickey Mouse.
  • Fair Dinkum: Also known as "Dink" for short, he is a koala who serves as ringmaster of the circus. As he is from Australia, he has the accent they have as well. There are a few things that Dink is afraid of - heights (so he's scared of flying) and drowning in the water being a few of them. His name comes from the Australian phrase, "fair dinkum".
  • Barnaby Bowser: A goofy dog who is the circus clown/magician as "Barnaby the Great". Known for saying "Ah-hee-ee-ee-ee-ee" whenever he laughs, and sounds like he's from the south. His magic tricks don't always work out the way he wants them to. Good friends with Lionel and Q.T. He also gets scared easily. Often hums his signature song "I'm Just a Lucky Dog". Comes from a big family - Edison Bowser (who invented flea powder), Isadoga Bowser (a famous dancer who perfected the "Dog trot"), Julia Bowser (Barnaby's favorite as she invented the hot dog) and his famous Uncle Lattimer Bowser, III.
  • Lilli: The only female character before Matilda appeared, Lilli is a beautiful cat who serves as a tightrope artist in the circus. Sometimes wears glasses because of her bad eyesight - mostly to see things that are very close like books, signs and to play checkers. Likes pretty things.
  • Q.T.: A slow-witted, but good-natured orangutan who is the resident strongman and calliope player (in earlier episodes he was accompanied by a small pink creature while playing the calliope). He makes friends easily, and has other talents, like kite making. Sometimes doesn't know his own strength.
  • Sebastian: A purple alley cat who is usually reduced to janitorial duties and likes to nap any chance he gets. Sometimes tricks others (usually Q.T.) to do his own work, but sometimes his tricks backfire on him. In the side show, Sebastian has a ventriloquist dummy with him called Sly.

Other characters[edit]

  • Flip & Flap: A duo who are usually seen during the side show, telling each other jokes. They are identifiable by their appearances - Flip has long rabbit ears, and Flap has a red afro and a pig-like nose.
  • Rinkum Dinkum: A later addition to the series, Rinkum is Fair Dinkum's older brother. In contrast to Fair Dinkum, Rinkum is much more brave and doesn't scare easily. Like his brother, Rinkum speaks in an Australian accent. During the Side Show, Rinkum puts on a show in which the audience has to guess what country he once visited and is pretending to be from.
  • Matilda Dinkum: Another later addition to the series, Matilda is Rinkum and Fair Dinkum's younger sister and loves to dance. Also known as "Matty". Like her brothers, she speaks with an Australian accent. Her name comes from the famous Australian song "Waltzing Matilda".
  • Lattimer Bowser, III: Barnaby's uncle who is a famous explorer. He looks like Barnaby, but is much older, with a moustache (which he occasionally brushes with his hands), and wears a monocle and a pith helmet. Speaks with an English accent.
  • Fira: Lilli's aunt, who speaks with an upper class accent. Looks like Lilli, but whereas Lilli only wears glasses for reading, she wears glasses all the time. Finds Sebastian to be sneaky, even if he is a cat.
  • Mrs. Jumbo: Dumbo's mother, whom he sometimes talk about.



  • "Dumbo's Circus" (Opening theme song)
  • "The Big Parade" (Dumbo, Lionel, Barnaby and the Chorus)
  • "Clowning Around" (Chorus)
  • "I'm Just a Lucky Dog" (Barnaby)
  • "I'm an Elephant Too" (Fair Dinkum) (Some episodes plays it during the closing credits instead of "Gotta Fly")
  • "I Love the Circus" (Chorus) (Some episodes plays it during the closing credits instead of "Gotta Fly")
  • "Hand Clappin'" (Barnaby and Lionel)
  • "March to the Music" (Lionel)
  • "Dumbo's Up in the Air" (Chorus)
  • "A Genuine Clown" (Barnaby)
  • "Gotta Fly" (Regular Closing theme song)

Side-show acts[edit]

  • Sebastian and Sly
  • Flip and Flap
    • Flip and Flap at the Restaurant
  • Dumbo's Nursery Rhymes
  • Barnaby's Magic Show
  • Q.T.'s Knock-Knock Jokes
  • Lilli's Tongue Twisters
  • Rinkum Dinkum's Make-Believe
  • Lilli's Mystery


  1. The Long Walk
  2. All 'Bout Hats
  3. Never Trust a Stranger
  4. Teaching a Bird to Fly
  5. Farmer's Circus
  6. Lilli's Surprise Birthday
  7. Finding the Perfect Gift
  8. Blue Glass Contest
  9. Lilli Come's Home
  10. The Annual Summer Parade
  11. Welcome to Melody Land
  12. A Lion Needs a Mane
  13. She's Really Something Special
  14. Tiny Town
  15. Yippi-ki-bow-wow
  16. Sandwich Hero
  17. Elephant
  18. Bye Bye Birdie
  19. Lilli's Hat Dance
  20. A Taste of Medicine
  21. Scratch, Scratch
  22. One Size Fits All
  23. Ragweed Rag
  24. A Present for Lionel
  25. All in a Day's Play
  26. A Better Bet
  27. The Perfect Peanut
  28. Lionel Goes to Town
  29. Stingman Contest
  30. Tricky Sebastian
  31. 40 Winks for Dinks
  32. Home Sweet Home
  33. Hide and Seek
  34. Ear Trouble
  35. Horsin' Around
  36. Barnaby Takes a Hike
  37. Quartet for Five
  38. The Big Switch
  39. Nine Lucks of Sebastion
  40. Barnaby's Magic Coat
  41. Dear Diary
  42. Sports Town
  43. Bluegrass
  44. Dumbolina
  45. Rinkum's Return
  46. Concertina for Two
  47. Invisible Box
  48. Barnaby Cries Uncle
  49. Uncle Lattimer says "Merci"
  50. Sebastian's Little Helper
  51. Ring Around the Circus
  52. Dink's Double
  53. Masquerade
  54. Perfect Weather
  55. The Magical Musical Machine
  56. If I Ran the Circus
  57. Calliope Calamity
  58. Friends Time Three
  59. Lionel's Bubble Machine
  60. Quiet Please
  61. Sticky Fingers
  62. Sebastian's Treasure
  63. The Race
  64. Meet Me at the Fair
  65. Over the Rainbow
  66. Eyeglasses
  67. Whoops-a-daisy
  68. Everybody's Doing It
  69. Dink's New Job
  70. A Day at the Circus
  71. Luckville
  72. Budgadumbo
  73. Circus Sweeties
  74. The Odd Couple
  75. Magic B-day Cake
  76. Lionel's Weather Machine
  77. A Very Special Place
  78. The Treasure
  79. Christmas at the Circus
  80. Here's Matty
  81. Lionel's Singing Lesson
  82. The Five Wishes
  83. All Abroad
  84. Birthday, Birthday
  85. Helo's Dink
  86. Circus Trainer
  87. Help Wanted
  88. Dancing Matilda
  89. Everyone Should Have a Song
  90. Clowning Around
  91. My Fair Everybody
  92. Stormy Night
  93. Catchy Tune
  94. Matty's Beautiful Doll
  95. Tell Me a Story
  96. Adventures Through Reading
  97. Goldie
  98. Matty's Magical Mystery Tour
  99. Music, Maestro Please
  100. The Gang's All Here
  101. Adventure, Adventure
  102. Think of All the Times


  • Barnaby shares a trait with Rabbit from Welcome to Pooh Corner (also voiced by Will Ryan) - both are gifted magicians. The only difference being that Rabbit's tricks usually work well, whereas Barnaby's doesn't always work the way he wants them to.
  • When the series first started, Sebastian is seen wearing only his hat, vest and short pants. After a few episodes, he is given a white t-shirt to go with it.
  • Unlike Welcome to Pooh Corner, the show never had any VHS, DVD or Blu-ray releases.
  • Some of the puppets that were used for audience members in the circus were used for Mother Goose's Treasury.


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