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Origin Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.
Genres Indie rock, Lo-fi
Years active 1991 – current
Labels 18 Wheeler Records, Brinkman Records, Smells Like Records, Shrimper
Associated acts Christmas, Yo La Tengo
Members James McNew

Dump is a vehicle for releasing the four-track home recordings of Yo La Tengo bassist James McNew. His recordings occasionally feature guest performers such as Sue Garner and Fontaine Toups (of Versus). For live performances McNew has been joined at various times by Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley, Todd Barry on drums, and David Ramirez on guitar.


  • Dump (7" EP) (18 Wheeler Records) 1992
  • Superpowerless (CD album) (Brinkman Records) 1993 — reissued in 2013 as a CD or 2LP set with extra tracks by Morr Music
  • Dump (7" EP) (18 Wheeler Records) 1994
  • International Airport (10" mini-album) (Smells Like Records) 1995
  • I Can Hear Music (CD/2CD album) (Brinkman Records) 1995 — reissued in 2013 as 2CD or 3LP set with extra tracks by Morr Music
  • Phantom Perspective b/w The Lie (7" single) (Hi-Ball Records) 1997
  • A Plea for Tenderness (CD album) (Brinkman Records) 1997
  • That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice? (MC mini-album) (Shrimper) 1998 / (CD album; reissue with 5 extra tracks) (Shrimper) 2001
    (an album of Prince covers)
  • Easter Dress b/w Almost Home (7" single) (Favorite Things) 1998
  • Women in Rock (CD EP) (Shrimper) 1999
  • Dive For Your Memory (7" single) (Third Gear Records) 1999 (split single with Lambchop)
  • A Grown-Ass Man (CD album) (Shrimper) 2003
  • Jennifer O'Connor & Dump (7" single) (Kiam Records) 2008 (split single)
  • NYC Tonight (12" single) (Presspop) 2012 (a cover of a G.G. Allin song, plus remixes and instrumentals)
  • The Silent Treatment (LP album) (Grapefruit Records) 2013
  • Superpowerless/I Can Hear Music Vinyl Box (5LP box set with numbered poster) (Morr Music) 2013
  • Secret Blood b/w Slow Down (download single) (Morr Music) 2013
  • Boys Don't Cry b/w Fishing Buddies (Dump Version) (7" single) (Morr Music) 2013 (split single with Masha Qrella)


  • The title That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice? comes from the Prince song "Bob George" (from The Black Album) in which Prince assumes the identity of a cursing, gun-wielding alter ego confronting his cheating wife.

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