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Dumra (Hindi: दम्रा) is a Punjabi Khatri surname, belonging to a highly prominent echelon of the Hindu warrior caste. As warrior princes, they formed the ancient Hindu ruling class of northwestern India.

Roles as Kshatriya[edit]

The Khatris (from Sanskrit क्षत्रिय Kshatriya) originated in the Potohar Plateau region of the Punjab. The Manu Smriti, which is the foundational work of Hindu Law, outlines the role of Kshatriya. The Kshatriya were created from the arms of Brahma. As members of the Hindu military order, they alone were entrusted with the right to rule. As administrators and rulers, Kshatriya were assigned with protecting the Hindu Dharma, and serving humanity. In course of time, however, as a result of economic and political exigencies, the Khatris also expanded into mercantile occupations.

Dumras claim Kazakh ancestry.

Khatris today[edit]

See detailed article Khatri.

When Pakistan and India gained independence, most of the Khatris in what became Pakistan migrated to India. Today Khatris live in all regions of India, but are concentrated in Punjab (India), Haryana and Punjab (Pakistan). In modern times, the Khatris play a dominant role in the Indian economy, serving as businessmen, civil and government administrators, landlords, and military officials. They are by far the most educated group in Punjab.

The Dumra clan[edit]

The Dumras, like many other Khatri clans, are almost exclusively Hindu, though a small minority are Muslims and Sikhs. The Muslim Dumras are settled in District Sahiwal, Multan, Bhakkar (Mithu Bindu), Dera Ismail Khan and many other adjacent districts of southern Punjab(Pakistan). They are also living in Sindh. Most of the Dumras in Pakistan are agricultural based.

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