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Dun & Bradstreet
Type Public
Traded as NYSEDNB
S&P 500 Component
Founded New York City, New York 1841
Headquarters Short Hills, New Jersey, U.S.
Key people Robert Carrigan, Chairman & CEO
Products Business information, information technology, services, research, software
  • Decrease US$ 1,655.2 million (2013) [1]
  • Decrease US$ 1,663.0 million (2012) [1]
Operating income
  • Increase US$ 437.1 million (2013) [1]
  • Increase US$ 432.1 million (2012) [1]
Net income
  • Decrease US$ 258.5 million (2013) [1]
  • Increase US$ 295.5 million (2012) [1]
Total assets
  • Decrease US$ 1,890.3 million (2013) [2]
  • Increase US$ 1,991.8 million (2012) [1]
Total equity
  • Decrease US$ -1,042.3 million (2013) [2]
  • Decrease US$ -1,014.3 million (2012) [2]
Employees 4,600 (2012)[3]
Website www.dnb.com

Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. is an American public company headquartered in Short Hills, a community in Millburn, New Jersey, USA[4] that licenses information on businesses and corporations for use in credit decisions, business-to-business marketing and supply chain management. Often referred to as D&B, the company maintains information on more than 220 million companies worldwide.[3] Dun & Bradstreet has been listed on the Fortune 500.


Dun & Bradstreet traces its history back to July 20, 1841, with the formation of The Mercantile Agency in New York City by Lewis Tappan, later called R.G. Dun & Company. The company was formed to create a network of correspondents who would provide reliable, objective credit information. In 1933, Dun merged with competitor John M. Bradstreet to form today's Dun & Bradstreet. The Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) was invented in 1962.

On Feb 5, 2003, D&B restated prior period results to correct timing errors in the recognition of some of the revenue associated with 14 of the Company's 200+ products, after a review of its revenue recognition from 1997 through 2002.[5]

Dun & Bradstreet has also come under fire for its unethical business practices. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that The Federal Trade Commission has received 551 complaints against the company between January 2010 and early June 2013 for its sales tactics.


Dun & Bradstreet maintains a database of over 235 million companies globally[3] and over 53 million professional contact names using a variety of sources including public records, trade references, telco providers, newspapers and publications, telephone interviews and others, often without the consent of the business owners or operators it lists.[citation needed] The company derives revenues through subscriptions as well as pay per business report, and to a smaller extent, third-party licensing agreements. Additional revenue is derived from subsidiaries including Hoovers and AllBusiness.com. Additionally Dun & Bradstreet's information on private individuals is now also used in the so-called "people search" industry where it is sold to (and subsequently publicly published) by stalker and people search websites such as CorporationWiki.com and findthecompany.com, again often without the consent or knowledge of those being listed.


In August 2010, D&B spun off and sold their credit monitoring and management business to a newly formed company, Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.[6] The company previously spun off Moody's,[7] Nielsen,[7] and Cognizant Technology Solutions (1996). Dun & Bradstreet also owns the business research corporation Hoover's.

Products and services[edit]

Dun & Bradstreet products and services fall into three categories: risk management, sales and marketing, and supply chain management. Risk management products include the Business Information Report, Comprehensive Report and the DNBi platform, often offered to listed participants as a way to improve their rating. These provide current and historical business information primarily used for third party marketing. Sales and marketing products such as the DUNS Market Identifier database, Optimizer, and D&B Professional Contacts provide sales and marketing professionals with business data for both prospecting and CRM activity. In DNBI platform customers can view ECF reports, decision based on data, view alerts

International Branches[edit]

Dun & Bradstreet has had offices in Australia since 1887, Mexico since 1896, New Zealand since 1903, Argentina since 1911, Venezuela since 1920, Brazil since 1933 and Peru since 1981. It has several offices in India as well, with its head office in Mumbai.[8]


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