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Dunbar Loop is one of the major transit exchanges in the western side of Vancouver. Part of the TransLink system, it is the westernmost exchange in the city of Vancouver. (Blanca Loop is further west and is accessible only from Vancouver, but it is in the University Endowment Lands).

Dunbar Loop can accommodate both diesel and trolley buses; it acts as a power station for trolleys.

Structure and location[edit]

Dunbar Loop is located at the intersection of Dunbar Street and West 41st Avenue in the Dunbar-Southlands neighbourhood of Vancouver. Part of the exchange is on-street, while the rest is located at the southwest corner of the intersection, separated from regular traffic.

Because of its proximity to the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the University Endowment Lands, it is heavily used by students. All routes going westbound from Dunbar Loop terminate at UBC at some point, during regular weekday hours.

In addition to being able to handle trolleys and regular diesel buses, Dunbar Loop can handle articulated buses as well; the #43, #480 and #49 (only some #49 routes are articulating, and some 49# terminate at Dunbar in the loop if not they continue to UBC) use them on a frequent basis, especially during UBC's winter session.


Routing footnotes[edit]

  • 1 Peak hours only, Mondays to Friday.
  • 2 Express route.
  • 3 Limited service to UBC evenings and weekends (terminating at Crown Street instead).
  • 4 Full service to UBC weekdays during peak hours; reduced service off-peak (terminating at Dunbar Loop instead). Weekend trips end at Dunbar Loop. Trips to Dunbar Loop may continue to Crown to facilitate space as the #22 now terminates at Dunbar Loop.
  • 5 Weekdays only.
  • 6 NightBus service to Downtown via Dunbar, 4th Ave, MacDonald and Cornwall.
  • 7 Does not layover at the loop.
  • 8 Express while on 4th ave.

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