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Duncan Bell (born 16 January 1955) is a Scottish stage and screen actor.

In September 2001 he played Sergeant Dennis Merton in Britain's biggest TV drama series Heartbeat. The role of Merton brought back childhood memories for Duncan as he spent holidays in Scarborough, close to where most of the programme is filmed.[1]

In January 2003 Duncan found out he was to become a first-time father, and decided to leave. In September 2003, Duncan became a father to a baby girl and left Heartbeat in July 2004. In 2008 he appeared as a guest star in Foyle's War.

His stage work includes Philistines, The Life of Galileo, Remembrance of Things Past (as Charles Swann, November 2000-April 2001), All My Sons and Blinded by the Sun for the National Theatre and two seasons (1988-9 and 1994) with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

He also played Midshipman Clayton in the 1998 TV film "Hornblower: The Even Chance" (subsequently released as "Horatio Hornblower: The Duel" in the USA).[2]


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