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Duncan MacLeod is a character from the first run syndication series "The Highlander." MacLeod is a near immortal who has lived and traveled the world for centuries.


Year Event
1592 Duncan MacLeod is born on December 21, the winter solstice, on the shores of Loch Shiel, in Glenfinnan, Scotland ("Prophecy"). When Mary, wife to Ian MacLeod, Chieftain of the Clan MacLeod gives birth to a still-born son, the midwife offers him an abandoned newborn, Duncan, in exchange. Ian is the only one to know Duncan is not his son and ignores where he came from ("Family Tree").
1606 Duncan and his cousin Robert go after a wolf in the Donan Woods. When the wolf attacks, Robert escapes but Duncan faints. He awakes in Immortal witch Cassandra's cottage. She warns him of an enemy he'll have to face someday, Roland Kantos and that she was the wolf. Kantos is already searching for Duncan, but doesn't find him ("Prophecy").
1618 Duncan falls in love with Debra Campbell in Glenfinnan, Scotland. She is promised to Duncan's cousin Robert in a marriage designed to unite the MacLeods and the Campbells. Robert challenges Duncan to battle, after learning Debra loves him. Against his will, Duncan kills Robert. Debra later dies after threatening suicide when Duncan initially refuses to marry her after Robert's death. Although the pair are reconciled, she slips down the side of a cliff. Duncan buries her in an unmarked grave ("Homeland").
1622 On October 2, Duncan is fatally wounded battling the Campbells, but miraculously revives. He is banished from his clan by his father who fears that it is devil's work. Later that year, while wandering through Scotland, he finds his adoptive father who tells him of his foundling origins ("Family Tree"). He wanders in the Highland wilderness for a short while (The Element of Fire)
1624 Still not knowing he's Immortal, or what that means, Duncan returns home after learning his village has been attacked and his father killed. He takes his father's sword and pursues the killer, Kanwulf. Duncan stabs him, buries his axe and leaves him for dead, unaware he's also Immortal ("Homeland").
1625 Duncan meets Immortal hermit Timothy of Gilliam in a cave, who says Duncan will soon meet his teacher and explains that at the start of the millennium he defeated a great evil that comes into the world every thousand years. Duncan will be the "Champion" for the next millennium. Gilliam then fights him and beheads himself on Duncan's sword, so Duncan can receive his first Quickening and grow stronger to defeat the evil ("Archangel"). After awaking from death after the Battle of Glen Fruin, he meets clansman Connor MacLeod, who becomes his teacher ("The Gathering", Endgame).1 One evening in a tavern in Aberdeen, Duncan tells Connor about his first death and his banishment from the Clan (Watchers CD). Another time, Duncan and Connor exchange memories of their lost loves Heather and Debra (Watchers CD, White Silence).
1626 In Aberdeen, the duo helplessly witnesses as Connor's friend Carmichael is killed when his ship is destroyed by fire, started by Immortal pirate Khordas and his wife Nerissa. Nerissa shoots Connor in the chest, ensuring their escape (The Element of Fire).
1630 Duncan is looking for Connor, who's away on business, while being followed by Immortal Martin Hyde, who fills Duncan's path with death. When he is unable to find Connor, Hyde appears to him, easily beating him. Hyde, however, is just trying to get him to lead him to Connor and has no interest in Duncan ("Prodigal Son").
1631 In Ravenna, Duncan learns an unstoppable move from Connor (Endgame).
1632 Back in Scotland, Duncan kills an unknown British soldier. It's his first beheading (Scotland the Brave). With Connor, finds Khordas and Nerissa, beheading Nerissa while Khordas escapes. Later that year, Duncan leaves Connor to make it on his own (The Element of Fire).
1634 Scotsman Andrew Murray becomes Duncan's Watcher (Watchers CD). Duncan discovers Devon Marek, son of the Duke of Willoughby, dying of a stab wound in the woods. Realizing Marek is Immortal, he tells him about it and that he will have to give up his inheritance. After Marek tries to kill him, Duncan stabs him. Marek dies in front of his guards and has to give up his inheritance as everyone thinks he's dead, while Duncan escapes ("Black Tower"). Traveling through France, he rescues mentally challenged Immortal Ursa from superstitious peasants and takes him to a monastery ("The Beast Below"). Later, he visits Paris for the first time. Marveled by it, he decides to see the world and travels to Italy (Zealot).
1635 Meets Immortals Amanda and Rebecca Horne on September 11 in Verona, Italy, when they approach him on the street and flirt with him, dressed as men. Amanda kisses him and picks his pocket. He retrieves it and offers to pay for their drinks ("Legacy").
1636 Italian Giancarlo LoFrano becomes Duncan's Watcher (Watchers CD).
1637 Working for the Doge of Verona, Duncan is charged with protecting his daughter's virtue. He meets the threat, Immortal Hugh Fitzcairn, but it seems the princess' virtue is long gone. The Doge demands Fitz's head, but Duncan demands his right to retribution and "kills" Fitz with his sword, thus saving his life. The two become friends and leave Verona ("Star-Crossed").
1639 As the Duke of Milan's bodyguards, Duncan and Fitz fight against three swordsmen in Florence, enemies of the Duke. During the fight Fitz' Watcher, Giuseppe Montenegro, is killed and they get a first look at the Watcher's symbol, although it has no meaning to them ("The Hunters"). After Montenegro's death, LoFrano supervises Fitz for three years since he spends this time together with MacLeod (Watchers CD).
1640 Having dinner at a French inn, Duncan meets Immortal Kyra when, as Queen Anne's protector, she battles some of Cardinal Richelieu's guards. Duncan nobly shares the last room with Kyra and the two end up sharing the bed ("Patient Number 7").
1642 Duncan is 50 years old when he learns how to read and write with Fitz in England. They have to walk a mile uphill in the snow, back and forth, to learn it ("The Cross of St. Antoine", "Leader of the Pack"). During this time they get acquainted with Immortal Mako ("Under Color of Authority").
1648 In May, Giancarlo LoFrano dies with the plague. A new Watcher is sent to Verona to watch Duncan (Watchers CD).
1653 Duncan travels from Italy aboard a Venician Galley, which is captured by Pirates. Duncan is sold into slavery, and purchased in Algiers by Immortal Hamza el-Kahir, and becomes Hamza's pupil. They meet Immortal Xavier St. Cloud, who challenges Hamza. When Hamza avoids the challenge, Duncan seeks to fill his place. Not accepting that, Hamza fights Xavier and is beheaded in front of Duncan ("Finale", Scimitar).
1655 Duncan leaves Algiers. In October/November, in Venice, he meets Immortal Niccolò Machiavelli and his Immortal "Beauties" (Bernardo Caprio, Eugenia de la Croix, Sergei Aloysovitch, Annette Rouens, Cristofori, Paloma Alcina, Giuletta Fantini, Ruffio Mocenigo and Jean-Pierre) (Measure of a Man).
1657 Haresh Clay and Carter Wellan find Duncan and his new mentor Graham Ashe practicing in a field in Italy. Clay challenges Ashe, who sends Duncan to holy ground. Clay takes Ashe's head as Duncan watches. Clay calls him a coward for not leaving holy ground ("The End of Innocence").
1658 In Switzerland, Duncan seeks refuge in Immortal Paul's monastery of St. Christopher that offers shelter to beleaguered Immortals. There he meets Kalas, an Immortal with a heavenly singing voice. Kalas' spirit does not match his voice and Duncan discovers that he has been killing Immortals as they leave holy ground. He has Paul banish Kalas from his beloved monastery. Kalas vows revenge ("Song of the Executioner" & "Star-Crossed").
1659 After leaving the monastery and on his way to England, he rescues Immortal Kristin Gilles from two highwaymen in Normandy, France in June. He becomes her protégé and lover as she teaches him how to become a gentleman ("Chivalry"). In his time with Kristin, Duncan was supervised by Kristin's Watcher Giselle Dupin (Watchers CD).
1660 Falls in love with artist Louise Barton, hired to paint his portrait. Later, discovers that Kristin murdered Louise. Almost killed by Kristin after telling he's leaving her, Duncan fights her but can't bring himself to kill her ("Chivalry"). In Evreux, Duncan meets and befriends Immortal Grace Chandel, a midwife delivering a baby ("Saving Grace").
1662 William Raleigh becomes Duncan's Watcher . In June, Duncan stays overnight in Norwich at the "Red Devil's Inn" and meets Immortal stone-cutter John Garrick, who is working in a church. The two befriend each other and Duncan remains in Norwich until December. When Garrick returns to his family, MacLeod promises to visit him (Watchers CD).
1663 Still in England, Duncan becomes an actor in Immortal Walter Graham's Shakespearean company, playing Kate in "Taming of the Shrew". He argues with Graham over playing Kate nicer, or having a part with a sword fight, and ends up fighting with the actor he replaced ("Timeless"). Raleigh also Watches Graham from 1663 to 1665, since he and Duncan spend most of this time together. Raleigh hired on as an actor in Graham's troop. In October, the troop begins a new play, "The Brushing Bridegroom", even if most regard it as a mistake (Watchers CD).
1665 In the spring, Duncan goes to visit Garrick, who is about to be burned at the stake as a witch. Duncan tries to save him but Garrick is confused after his family's death and stabs him in front of the multitude. When Duncan revives he is thought a witch, narrowly escaping being burned. Unbeknownst to him, Garrick is recaptured and burned ("Shadows").
1666 Duncan may have been present at the Great Fire of London ("The Blitz").
1670 Much to the displeasure of his Watcher, Duncan spends the winter in the Highlands, tutoring the arrogant son of local Chief Clan in the ways of war. Is challenged and beheads Michel de Bourgogne ("Unholy Alliance").
1680 Duncan first meets Immortal Kiem Sun in China and is with him when he first obtains the information about the Kwanlo root and its properties from a mortal alchemist ("Road Not Taken").2
1689 Duncan is in Killiecrankie, in the army of Dundee against the English (Scotland the Brave).

1In the novel The Element of Fire, Connor finds Duncan in 1622 as he is attempting to drown himself, which contradicts both the TV series and Endgame. 2Deleted scene.

Unknown Events[edit]

Duncan mentioned in 1996 that he knew Warren for over 300 years. This meeting probably occurred during his time in Scotland in 1669/1670 or at the battle of Killiecrankie in 1689.

Coronelli's London map of 1689 and/or Felicia Martin's copy of the map stands in the Duncan's shop in the episode Free Fall. This info comes from the Script. In the finished edit the dialogue is shorter. In the Script Duncan says to Felicia: "I've known Coronelli's work ever since... ever since I knew Coronelli!"


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