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Duncan MacLeod is a character from the first run syndication series "The Highlander." MacLeod is a near immortal who has lived and traveled the world for centuries.


Year Event
1896 Duncan meets Sharon in an 1896 Parisian bar. Sharon poses as an untrained immortal, and asks Duncan to protect her from Axel, and immortal who has been stalking her. ("Rite of Passage").
1905 Duncan visits his friend greengrocer Giuseppe in New York City. Giuseppe refuses to pay protection to the Mano Nero organization. After Giuseppe agrees to go to police the next day, he is killed by Mano Nero henchmen under Duncan's eyes ("Revenge of the Sword").
1917 Duncan is a paramedic of the British Red Cross. Along with his mortal friend Stan, they try to avoid bombings on the Western Front, but they are killed by a poison gas bomb when the truck bringing the soldiers' pay approaches. The thief is Immortal Xavier St. Cloud, who finds Duncan but fails to kill him as soldiers come to recover the money ("For Tomorrow We Die").
1919 Duncan visits Annie and Kerry Devlin in Dublin, Ireland. Kerry is killed and Duncan and Annie are forced to flee. Annie stays in Ireland to avenge Kerry; Duncan refuses to join her and leaves ("Eye For An Eye").
1920 While in Paris, Duncan introduces Maria Campalo, a jazz singer to the immortal Kalas, who has become a great opera tenor.("Methos").
1920 Duncan visits Jesse Collins who secretly works as a miner in his father's Pennsylvanian coal mine. When the striking miners decide to fight the Pinkerton agents Mr. Collins hired to protect him, Jesse is killed in the riot ("The Zone").
1921 Duncan visits his friend Immortal Michael Moore at the insane asylum where Moore is a doctor. Immortal Quenten Barnes kills Jeanette, Moore's wife and Duncan comes too late. Neither Duncan nor Moore realize that Barnes is an alter ego of Moore ("Turnabout").
1923 On December 31, Duncan is celebrating New Year's Eve with his lover, flapper Nora Fontaine. The police break into the alcohol-drenched party, but Duncan and Nora barely escape by hiding in the janitor's room. Nora asks Duncan to marry her, but Duncan tells her he cannot have children ("Bless the Child").
1925 In Seacouver, Immortal Marcus Korolus kills blond women because his former lover, Lenora, revealed his immortality and had him burnt at the stake three hundred years ago. Duncan meets him at Orpheum Theatre and realizes his madness is beyond healing. He fights him and beheads him ("See No Evil").
1926 Duncan and Amanda are circus artists in a circus of the American West Coast. Duncan is called "The Great MacLeod" for his knife throwing abilities ("The Lady and the Tiger"). On his way to New Orleans, Louisiana, Duncan comes across a lynching and frees the three black victims by running over the gallows with his car. One of the victims is Immortal Carl Robinson. Duncan is killed by the lynchers, but revives in time to permit Carl to escape on his truck ("Run For Your Life").

Also mentioned in the episode ("The Immortal Cimoli")

1930 Duncan is in Paris, claiming a 93 year old bank deposit when he encounters immortal Lucas Kagan and Kagen's mentor Tarsis. ("Reasonable Doubt").
1935 Duncan is in Nazi Germany on assignment from the British Secret Service to determine how popular the regime is with the German people. (Immortal Ingrid Henning states that he is a British secret agent and that this is his mission: Duncan does not deny it). Duncan protects a Jewish protester from Nazi thugs and starts a bar fight with them. The establishment appears to be anti-Nazi as the bartender offers Duncan a free drink after the fight. ("The Valkyrie")
1936 In Berlin, Germany, Amanda steals a money printing plate and must escape German agent Rutger. In the meanwhile Duncan tries to smuggle a scientist out of the country with the help of Werner Geist, who turns out to be a traitor. Duncan only escapes arrest because of Amanda's intervention. She flies the scientist to England while Duncan escapes on a gully ("The Return of Amanda").
1937 As a journalist in Spain, Duncan watched as Kirin, then known as Cage, massacred POWs in the Spanish Civil War("Blind Faith").
1938 In Stalinist Russia, Duncan helps people to flee to the West. Immortal "Alexei Voshin" allowed them to use his ship, the Sea Witch, because Duncan didn't take his head. But Voshin did betray them to the KGB. They put everyone under arrest, including Duncan's friend Niva. Duncan manages to escape by diving into the sea and gets shot at while underwater ("The Sea Witch"). In Seacouver, after rescuing a kid from a burning house, Duncan is photographed by reporter Linda Plager. He tells him that she has a choice as to what she shows in her pictures ("Studies in Light").
1938 Duncan encounters mobster Sid Lankovski/Simon Lang at the Coconut Lounge("Vendetta").
1939 Linda Plager leaves Duncan because she wants to pursue her career in photography ("Studies in Light").
1940 Duncan MacLeod experiences the Blitz in London("The Blitz").
1943 Duncan fights with the French Resistance in Paris, 1943 against an immortal Nazi ("Mortal Sins").
1944 Duncan and Immortal Ingrid Henning become involved in Operation Valkyrie; the attempt by Claus von Staufenberg and other dissident German officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944. ("The Valkyrie")
1950-51 At Christmas time Duncan, Amanda and Fitz steal the Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey. Amanda and Fitz are later caught, however Duncan remains at-large long enough to make a fake stone. He then makes a deal with Winston Churchill, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to get Amanda and Fitz released. The PM goes along with this, and a cover story blaming a group of students, to avoid inflaming Scottish nationalist sentiment as a result of the incident. Duncan's approach to Churchill strongly imples that the two have known each other for some time and that Duncan has the PM's confidence. It is implied that Duncan's fake stone is returned to the abbey, while the real one is left as a seat near one of the tees at the Royal Highlands Golf Course. ("The Stone of Scone")
1954 Duncan drops by at a baseball game in which Carl Robinson is playing. They go to a diner afterwards, but don't notice the place is for whites only. The local sheriff orders them to leave, but Duncan knocks him unconscious before doing so. Once out, a newspaper shows them that segregation is declared unconstitutional ("Run For Your Life").
1958 Duncan MacLeod encounters the evil immortal Bryce Korland in Greenwich Village. (season 4)#ep13|Something Wicked]]").
1975 An immortal, Cage leaves a Catholic nun, a band of Cambodian refugee children and Duncan to die at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. ("Blind Faith").
1980 Duncan has been caught without his sword by Kuyler and is forced to flee. He stumbles on Inspector Lebrun's car, jumps over the parapet of the Quai de la Tournelle and eventually reaches the boat where Tessa Noël is showing Paris to a tourist group. It's the beginning of their story ("For Evil's Sake").
1988 On December 31, Duncan fights Immortal Walter Reinhardt on the roof of a Seacouver building. Reinhardt accidentally falls off the roof and into the river, while Duncan hides his saber and his own katana before joining Tessa during the countdown to New Year ("Revenge is Sweet").

Unknown events[edit]

  • 1939–1945 - Duncan and his friend Georges Dalou are engaged in the French Resistance. It is mentioned in "For Tomorrow We Die" that General De Gaulle himself asked them to destroy a railway bridge north of Bessancourt. Duncan appears to have had a relationship with British intelligence since 1935 and has an antipathy to the Nazi regime from at least this date.
  • around 1972 - Duncan visits the art exposition of Anne Wheeler's works in Paris ("Eyewitness)". It is mentioned in this 1992 episode that Anne Wheeler hasn't gone to Paris for at least twenty years.


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